‘Scared to sleep after The Watcher? I’m a house healer who rids homes of ghouls’

‘Scared to sleep after The Watcher? I’m a house healer who rids homes of ghouls’

The Watcher, Dhamer, The Haunting of Hill House – there’s no shortage of spine-chilling dramas to watch this Halloween. But what do you do if there’s something supernatural going on in your own home?

That's where house healer Emma Loveheart comes in. Having been called in to clear spooky energies from more than 650 UK homes, it's clear that people up and down the country believe that they have come face to face with some unexpected paranormal guests.

Here, the 54-year-old former HR consultant and mum of two daughters from Newbury, Berkshire, talks to OK! about her mission to make our homes happy and harmonious…

"There were two dogs at one home I was called in to work on in the early days of my house healing business. The owners had been there for a while but it had never felt right and their dogs just wouldn’t settle. One of them would bark at the same wall every single day.

When I opened myself to the energy in the house I discovered a heartbreaking scene. Just beyond the wall where the dog always barked was the spirit of a woman whose child had died in an accident in that spot. The scene was playing on a loop and the mum was stuck. Using my psychic healing skills I was able to move her on towards the light.

The dogs were immediately fine after that, but dogs and children are very good indicators that something isn’t right in a house. Dogs have an amazing sixth sense and children are sensitive to the spirit plane because they’ve only just been born.

One client’s young daughter wouldn’t sleep through the night in her new bedroom and both were suffering from disturbed sleep. The family TV had a habit of switching itself on too, which alerted me to the presence of spirit activity.

Psychic activity is energy and so it can tamper with energy appliances in the home. Often clients report lights going on or off randomly or appliances suddenly working again.

I found some entity energy, not of human origin, which could move around the house. Entities don’t like to be moved as they like to cause havoc and have fun doing so, but it’s possible and safe to move them. I moved the entity back to the universe to be handled as appropriate as it definitely didn’t belong in the house.

Since starting my house healing business I’ve cleaned up 650 homes using psychic healing to clear spirits and dark energy, and dowsing to clear negative earth energies that often lie beneath our homes.

Everyone’s home should be a place where they feel comfortable, safe and happy. But not enough people know there’s someone like me to turn to when something doesn’t feel right.

My interest in the spiritual world began with a powerful premonition eight years ago. We’d booked a family skiing holiday for me, my husband and our two daughters. In the weeks leading up to it I started to get terrifying images that my eldest daughter, then 11, would have an accident and be paralysed from the neck down.

I tried to put the visions out of my head but they were so vivid, more than just mere thoughts. I didn’t tell anyone but then a few weeks before we were due to go, my daughter broke down in tears saying she was scared to go and we cancelled the holiday.

It got me interested in intuition, premonitions and the spiritual world. I read books and mentioned what had happened to friends. Several were already interested in spiritual things and through them I met others.

I started going to meetings and learned how to open myself up to the spiritual world. I found I picked it up really quickly and could easily connect to the spirit world, although there were lots of protocols to learn about understanding messages and signs.

Unfortunately, my husband didn’t like what I was doing at all. He thought I’d gone mad and our marriage broke down.

Now a single mum, I was still working as an HR consultant but my interests in what else the universe had to offer had been switched on.

Connecting to my grandmother who’d passed over 20 years before was my first breakthrough and was very emotional. I heard her say, ‘Hello dear,’ just as she always used to greet me.

Conversations with spirit aren’t the same as talking to someone on this plane. They’re broken and not as detailed, but I could feel her presence.

I found I could connect to spirit in homes very easily and the idea for a home healing business came to me. Every home has something I can clear. Often someone’s just moved into a house and things have started going wrong, such as things breaking, bad luck befalling the family or arguments and tension.

People are always surprised that I don’t actually need to visit the house physically. I just need the address and some details about what the problem is. Then I connect to the property remotely and assess what needs to be done. The average time to clear a house is two weeks.

A spirit – a person that’s died but is stuck on this plane for whatever reason, usually some kind of trauma – is very easy to move on. The hardest to clear are those where dark energy is involved. Dark energy comes in various forms and guises; it’s very tenacious and much harder to move on. You have to be knowledgeable and skilled with what you’re dealing with.

One farmhouse in Ireland took weeks to deal with all the issues. There was a lot of darkness. The landed gentry had used local labour to build a water tower nearby and many had died. There were a lot of angry, troubled souls to clear. And there was dark energy too along with negative earth energies. You have to work through the different layers, which can be very draining. But I’ve never been scared or failed to clear anything I’ve found.

I’ve also cleared properties occupied by businesses. One was based in an old Tudor property and the owners felt the business wasn’t moving forward. I found a chilling scene being played out where a young witch was being tortured in the basement. I moved the spirits on and cleared the dark energy.

It’s not only old houses I’m called to help. Some new houses are built on places where bad things have happened in the past. I cleared a new-build house near where I live which was being affected by soldiers killed in the civil war.

I always ask my clients for feedback and everyone is really grateful and relieved at what I’ve been able to do for them.

I gave up working in HR during the pandemic and now I’m concentrating on my business. I feel this is what I was meant to do. If I can make people feel happy in their homes it’s worthwhile."

Find Emma at homehealer.co.uk


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