Sainsbury's and Iceland are selling new Twix biscuits – and they're £1 a pack

Sainsbury's and Iceland are selling new Twix biscuits – and they're £1 a pack

THERE'S a new member of the Twix family – and it's available at your local supermarkets nationwide.

Coined 'Soft Centre's, the biscuit form of the chocolate bar is described to have an "irresistibly" soft core.

Spotted in a local Co-operative store by a member of the Snack Reviews Facebook group, they received a positive response from others on the page.

The cookies are essentially biscuits with milk chocolate chips and the classic Twix soft caramel centre.

New Twix flavours and formats have proven popular in the past so it's no surprise shoppers are excited for these cookies.

Earlier this year, Tesco started selling the white chocolate Twix Xtra bar for just 80p.

But it's not only Co-op who is selling the Twix cookies – Iceland and Sainsbury's are also stocking the new biscuit.

Usually costing £2, Sainsbury's has a special offer discounting the cookies to half price so you can get the "irresistible soft centre" for less.

At Iceland, a pack will also cost you just £1 – and it's the same at Ocado.

To find your nearest branch of each supermarket, use the store locator on each of their websites.

But Sainsbury's also sells a more classic cookie shape in a Twix chocolate caramel flavour, with these ones costing you £1.50 for four.

The Twix Soft Centres have eight biscuits per pack but they are smaller – so it depends what kind of sweet treat you're after.

Poundstretcher cooked up a storm when it started selling white chocolate Twix minis that were limited edition.

Aldi is selling Twix and Mars hot chocolate pods – if you prefer your chocolate bar in drink form.

New editions of popular chocolate brands are always popular – shoppers went crazy for the salted caramel M&M's.

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