Remember The Last Time You Saw Your Ex? These 9 Stories Are About To Bring Back All The Feels

Remember The Last Time You Saw Your Ex? These 9 Stories Are About To Bring Back All The Feels

Have you ever run into your ex in a place you would have never expected? Once, just a couple weeks after a devastating breakup, I saw my ex at a Mexican restaurant and quite literally ducked under the table to avoid him noticing me. It wasn’t that I was terrified to talk to him — we ended things on moderately good terms — but I was just so surprised to see his face that I didn’t know what else to do. If the last time you saw your ex didn’t go according to plan, I’m sure you can relate to this panicked feeling.

Depending on how things ended, you and your ex might have struck up a conversation… or maybe you made eye contact and then pretended to be perfect strangers. Navigating interactions with former partners can be awkward, to say the least. Some people learn to be friends again, while others never manage to get back on speaking terms. Regardless of the situation, seeing an ex can bring back a flood of memories about your relationship and how it ended.

To understand just how varied these types of interactions are, I asked people to share stories about the last time they saw their ex. Some are cringeworthy, some are sweet, and some are just downright uncomfortable. Read on and prepare to laugh and cry at the same time.

Hidden Agenda

— Maddie*, 26

Working It Out

— Mary*, 26

Whirlwind Reunion

— Bari, 26

Grand Gestures

— Cortne, 26

Reverting to Old Habits

— Jordan, 23

Redemption Story

— Hannah, 26

Still Super Close

— Giuliana, 22

Same Taste In Music

— Anne, 25

Moving On

— Kierstin, 26

Whether your ex encounter made you feel sad, amused, validated, or relieved, it can definitely bring back a flood of memories. No matter your situation, know that other people can relate — and be proud of yourself for the strides you have made in healing and moving on from that relationship. Thank u, next.

*Names have been changed.

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