Relationship anxiety is real – here are the 5 signs to look out for

Relationship anxiety is real – here are the 5 signs to look out for

Relationship coach Arrezo Azimzadeh has unpacked the key signs of relationship anxiety, which range from fear of commitment to doubting your compatibility with your partner.

There’s a sense of excitement that you experience when entering a new relationship. Perhaps it’s the promise of exploring the world with the one you love or planning a future together as you connect on a deeper level that makes it so exhilarating.

While embarking on a new relationship can have us feeling all of those emotions, it can also be quite scary as we become more vulnerable and open than ever before  – and sometimes, those feelings of fear can overtake the excitement we once had.

For some, this fear is a constant cloud hanging over their lives and their relationships as this very specific form of relationship anxiety takes over.

Relationship anxiety is described as people experiencing constant feelings of worry, insecurity, and doubt when in a relationship, and is something many people face.

But how can you truly identify whether you have relationship anxiety or not? Well, relationship coach and behavioural analyst Arrezo Azimzadeh broke down the five key signs in a recent TikTok video.

In the 58-second clip, Azimzadeh brilliantly dissects the signs that people with relationship anxiety face, starting with a fear of commitment and vulnerability.

“This goes back to commitment issues where you have fear from your past experiences or you’ve just never been able to open up to anyone,” says Azimzadeh. “For some people, the idea of a relationship makes them feel like they’re in a box and the labels just give them anxiety.”

Another key sign of relationship anxiety is the desire to end a relationship before it gets too serious. Azimzadeh defines this as when you keep people at arm’s length and “cut them off so that things don’t get serious”.

Not expressing what you need and desire from a relationship because they may leave is another sign highlighted by Azimzadeh.

“You’ll always worry ‘Are they gonna find someone better than me?’ and always think of the worst-case scenario as opposed to just being yourself and asking the question of ‘Do I even want to be with them? Do I like who I’m becoming with them?’”

The US-based coach also says doubting your compatibility with your partner is another indicator, as people start to emphasise the differences between themselves and their partner. For example, if they’re not into the same movies or don’t have the same music taste.

And lastly, Azimzadeh says the final sign of someone having relationship anxiety is if they spend “way too much time worrying about the relationship than enjoying it.”

Many took to the comments and shared how they identified with one or more of the signs Azimzadeh mentioned in the video.

“1st day I met this guy, he talked about me in his future,” said one. “That gave me anxiety and I lead him out the door without even noticing what I was doing. This really helped me to recognise a pattern in my behaviour that I want to work on.”

Another wrote: “I worry about my relationship nearly every second of every day. I’m glad I found your page and I find it so helpful”.

If you’re struggling with anxiety, get in touch with NHS Every Mind Matters for wellbeing advice and support.

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