Prison officers who quit for OnlyFans trolled more over income than sexy pics

Prison officers who quit for OnlyFans trolled more over income than sexy pics

A pair of former prison officers who turned to OnlyFans for money receive more hate for their income than for their content.

Ben and Kristy Stroud started using the adult content platform after lockdowns shut down the UK, including their PT business.

After they were forced to close the doors for their gym, the couple had to think of other ways to earn a living.

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They begun selling pictures and videos of their sexual escapades online, mainly through their OnlyFans page.

Both quickly discovered they could earn twice as much as what Kirsty would make from driving deliveries for Morrisons.

As their audience of signed-up subscribers grew, the amount of cash coming in soared even higher.

Ben, 44, said: "At first people were a little bit funny, but not many people.

"We've got more hate for earning more money than for what we do; absolutely guaranteed, more hate for that.

"We've had quite a few people when she got a new Range Rover and I got a new car and things like that got a little bit of nose turning.

"I say to them that we pay more tax than you earn so who is contributing more to society? But our true friends were like good for you."

Kirsty, 33, added: "My family were always going 'when are you going to get a proper job' because I quit the prison service and then I was just coaching."

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She continued: "We were in the gym. I love my job but they don't see it as my job – 'you don't earn enough', blah, blah. Now that I'm earning a lot they're like 'you're earning too much, you never do any work' and I'm just like, wow.

"But they are supportive. I did say to them don't go looking too much into it but this is what I'm doing and they said 'as long as you're safe and you're happy'."

With fans paying almost £20 a month to view their explicit content, they were able to bank a large amount just from their first full month on the site.

While most of their family and friends have been accepting, it's the sudden wave of money which seems to be the most alienating for others.

The couple, from Folkestone, met 13 years ago while both working in a prison on the Isle of Sheppey. They later started up a gym in Cheriton, Folkestone, and worked as personal trainers.

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Kirsty, 33, said: "When we first met we didn't just start swinging.

"We had a couple of threesomes, we had friends around for dinner and you know what happens, we were just playing games and before you know it you're naked, and it's all that.

"It kind of evolved from that and then we went to parties in London, private parties in big houses, and it kind of just went from there.

"And then sometimes we've had a couple of people over here and stuff. So when we went to OnlyFans, being on camera and doing it in front of other people or our video person wasn't a massive thing."

The couple value the way they are able to generate income this way, but there have been reminders that a lot of the power – and 20% of their revenue – remains with OnlyFans.

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In the summer of 2021, performers on the site were stunned when the company – which describes itself as a "subscription social network" – announced it was intending to ban explicit content from its platform.

For many, this would have seen their livelihoods, built up over months and years of developing a subscriber base, wiped out entirely.

The company later backtracked, but it was a reminder to content creators that their relationship with those viewing their most intimate moments is still mediated by a third party.

Kirsty said: "We had been doing it for 10 months, and we'd made loads of money, and obviously when it came out on the news my heart sank.

"We adapted, and uploaded to other platforms. When they decided it was not going to be taken away we were already on the other platforms and I'm still on them now.

"But I still think if it [OnlyFans] was to shut down tomorrow that would be like a dagger. That was a scary time. And a lot of the girls I was talking to were scared as well. It's out of your control.

"OnlyFans does take a lot of control. They can just take things off your page, but if you follow the rules though and are good with it then it's fine. But I don't want to feel like that again."

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