Plastic surgery fan posts snap taken before dramatic bimbo transformation

Plastic surgery fan posts snap taken before dramatic bimbo transformation

A woman who often refers to herself as a “real-life sex doll” loves taking her plastic surgery to the extreme.

Alicia Amira moved from Sweden to Dorset – and has recently revealed the extent of the work she’s had done.

Posting a before and after photo on Instagram, she also opened up about her 2017 appearance on the TV show Botched.

The 31-year-old previously enlarged her breasts to 650CCs but they got infected and her right breast hardened.

She met with surgeons on the E! reality show in hopes they could help, who said all the procedures she’s had done were “very dangerous to do."

“Since so many of you keep tagging me in the episode I did back in 2017 with @botchedtv I just wanted to give you all an update on my bimbofication since then – soooo much has happened,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Only thing that’s really stayed the same is my blonde hair and love for pink. Besides that, I’m an upgraded plastic bimbo f*ck doll.

“I’m probably forgetting some procedures, but so far this is what my bimbofication looks like! Next up: I’ll keep my plans hidden for now, if I go on Botched again I’ll tell you.

“Thanks to amazing @lusciousaestheticsltd for being a huge part of my transformation. Ps, My boobs are bigger now than in this photo to the right.”

Alicia quit her job in PR to become a full-time “living doll”, which is when plastic surgery addicts transform themselves to look like Barbie and Ken dolls.

While she started getting plastic surgery years ago, she recently focused on the work that she has had done in the last couple of years.

In the photo she uploaded she explained that since 2017 she has had Botox, tattooed eyebrows, a brow lift, tear trough filler and cheek filler.

The work doesn’t end there, as she’s also had nasolabial filler, jaw, lip and chin filler, as well as PDO threads, rhinoplasty, 1,700cc saline expander implants and zirconium and silver crowns.

She also recently opened up about her decision to get breast expander implants.

Alicia said: “My big bimbo plastic news: Last week I got my first ever fill of my expander breast implants, we filled them up with 350cc extra, which means I now have 1,700cc big plastic bolton bimbo b00bs [sic].

“Omg they are so amazing and I love them already! You can only see the results on my V l P! I am currently recovering from the fill but omg my results are INSANE.

“I’m still recovering, bimbofication isn’t a cute fashion trend, it’s a really extreme and hardcore adult fetish that alters your body forever! It’s amazing, but it’s not something to take lightly.

“Be mindful of the healing, the process, the stress you put yourself and your body under, the complications etc – it’s the most amazing lifestyle ever (for me personally of course), but I stand firm on my beliefs when I say that it’s not for everyone.

She ended the post by requesting that those who are starting their bimbofication process make sure that they don’t go to cheap surgeons.

Alicia added: “Please do your research on the surgeons and I don’t mean look at Instagram photos, I mean proper research on the internet and speak to girls who’ve had work done by the surgeons before!

“I am so happy that I have had THE BEST surgeons in the entire world! The help and aftercare and professionalism I’ve experienced is unreal.

“I am so so grateful to be in such safe hands and I wish the same for anyone going through any kind of transformation!”

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