Pictures show witty ways husbands keep the spark alive

Pictures show witty ways husbands keep the spark alive

Are these the funniest husbands and boyfriends ever? Hilarious snaps reveal the antics of men who use humour to keep the spark alive – including a new dad who posed in the hospital bed as if he’d given birth

  • Men from North American and Australia have left their spouses in stitches
  • One man pretended HE delivered the baby after his wife gave birth to their child 
  • Another took part in a ‘back to school’ photoshoot and posed like teacher’s pet 

These men have proved that making your partner laugh is a great way to keep the spark alive. 

Husbands and boyfriends from around the world have been snapped keeping their other halves entertained with their amusing antics, which have been collated in a gallery by Bored Panda. 

Whether the prank was planned or they were caught in the middle of doing something silly, at least these pranksters can’t be faulted for their sense of humour. 

Among the most amusing snaps is one man who posed in a hospital bed and pretended he was the one who had just given birth, while another posed for a ‘back to school’ photo on his return to work – complete with a lunch box and sign. 

People have shared the hilarious antics their husbands and boyfriends have go up to in a bid to made them. Pictured, this new father from the US pretended he was the one who had given birth to his and his wife’s baby because he looked bigger than her after the delivery

Proud moment! A husband from the US had a ‘first day back to work’ photoshoot with his lunch box – just like children have before going back to school

An Australian dad photobombed his sweet family portrait with a karate kick as his wife and two children looked on confused

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