People share their most disasterous encounters in the search for love

People share their most disasterous encounters in the search for love

Thought your blind dates were bad? People share their most disastrous encounters in the search for love

  • People have shared their first date stories on entertainment site Whisper 
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Blind dates can be nervewracking at the best of times. But they can at least often leave a person with an interesting anecdote or story.

Taking to entertainment site Whisper, people from across the world have revealed some of their most memorable encounters.

Some were disasterous. They include a person who had an asthma attack four minutes in, and another person who vomited after a few moments.

Others complained they were set up with people who hadn’t revaled they already had chidren, and one confessed to meeting a woman who was nine months’ pregnant – and leaving. 

Others said that the person they went to meet then hit on their friend. 

Twist of fate! This person was stood up when she went on a blind date, but a handsome man stepped in 

But there were some success stories.

One woman said she was stood up on a blind date, but that someone came to her rescue, and she is still with him a year later.

Another said she dragged herslef to a blind date, not wanting to go, but it turned out she fell in love and married the person.

Here, Femail brings you the most terrible and the most heart warming.  

This is certainly not how anyone wants a blind date to end – with your planned date hitting on your friend

Many people arrange dates and have second thoughts on whether to go or not, but this person is glad they went 

Meat and veg! Blind dates aren’t so good for women when the partner expects meals to be ready 

Memorable! This date certainly must rank in the worst starts to a romance of all time – having your date puke up 

Fat shaming: Perhaps this person didn’t realise what they were saying was offensive… but it was 

Red is the colour of love! It’s not good to criticise the looks of your date – especially when they can’t do anything about it 

Epic fail: It’s good to prepare for a date by having some interesting stories to tell, but not one about a dead cat 

Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways, and this date ended with someone being hooked up with their ex 

Honesty is the best policy! Once this person came out as gay, their child set them up on a date and the rest is history  

Yes I can date – but I also have a child! This person said they met a date who didn’t want to know because the person had a child

Shocking! This person also revealed that they were set up on a date with someone who was about to give birth 

Take my breath away!  This date ended up in a hospital emergency room after one of them had an asthma attack

Big no-no! Another topic to avoid on a first date is your relationship with you ex – it’s a big red flag 

It’s written in the stars! This person doesn’t believe in star signs, but should know Scorpios have a sting in their tail 

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