People share their hilarious texting fails

People share their hilarious texting fails

Not such a smart phone! People share their hilarious wrong number fails including VERY brutal replies to people given fake contact details by a date

  • Hilarious gallery compiled on BigGlobeTravel shows very amusing texting fails 
  • Examples include some daters who discovered they’d been given a fake number
  • One screenshot saw multiple photos of a person’s pet dog to the wrong number 

While our phones are more advanced than ever, many of us still somehow manage to make the most basic errors, like sending a message to the wrong number. 

Travel website BigGlobeTravel has compiled a list of the most bizarre and amusing messages people from around the world have received without any explanation.

From sending multiple photos of their pet dogs to realising they’ve been given a fake number by a date, these texting fails are sure to make you giggle. 

The examples also include a man who was bombarded with insults by an unknown number, and someone who received a picture of a stranger’s newborn baby. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals the top examples of people who regret not checking the number before sending a message. 

Making friends! This woman texted the wrong number, but was compensated with a bizarre picture of Nicolas Cage in return 

Ouch! This dater was given the wrong number – and had the news broken to them by the actual owner of the phone 

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Cat-astrophe! After texting the wrong person a picture of a cable, this person replied with an equally random picture of their cat 

Call me baby! This person replied to a picture of an unknown mother’s newborn with a polite jingle explaining they didn’t know her 

Not your average grill! This user pranked an unknown number by pretending to be a George Foreman grill 

Barking mad! One recipient of a wrong number text replied by sending continuous pictures of their pet dog – to the dismay of the sender, who mistook it for a cat

The bald facts! This patriotic US person had a very enthusiastic reaction to their wrong number text 

That sucks! This person gave a very harsh response after discovering he’d sent an insult to the wrong person 

Ruff day! This texting fail saw someone send a picture of a dog answering the phone when they received a wrong number text 

Well that escalated! This salesman took things a tad too far when he mistakenly texted one of his clients a romantic message

Oh not again! One singleton found a friend in a fellow dater who seemed to have been rejected a lot too after being given a fake number 

Not who you were expecting? This texter showed their true identity with a very close up picture of themselves when they received a message from a bloke who’d been given the wrong number by a woman called Jessica

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