People share hilarious 'threats' they left after someone crossed them

People share hilarious 'threats' they left after someone crossed them

A sign not to mess with them! Social media users share the most shocking and hilarious threats they’ve come across – from giving unattended children energy drinks to throwing poo at a dog

  • People from over the world have revealed their very imaginative threats
  • One person threatened parents to teach their unattended children swear words
  • One sign, erected in Thailand, had strong words to deter people from parking 

People from around the world have been sharing the very threatening messages they have sent for those who crossed them.

From the US to Thailand, some people decided to get creative and send not-so-veiled threats, either on social media or even street signs. 

And the best and funniest menaces have been shared on the online trivia website Bored Panda. 

One person come across a sign in Thailand which had strong words to deter people from parking on spots with disabled access. 

Another person threatened dog owners who let their pets relieve themselves on their property – and warned they would throw their poo at them.

These people have turned sending threats to the people who crossed them into an art. One parent from the US erected this hilarious sign suggesting they were fed up of ‘unattended children’ – and would give them an energy drink

One exasperated home-owner  planted this sign after getting tired of other people’s dogs using his lawn as a bathroom 

Creepy! One person was left feeling a little threatened after an online bot sent an eerie message about their life as an orphan 

That’s one way to deal with trolls! One person, from Nevada, came up with a very sophisticated threat while replying to one threatening person on Twitter 

Almost making this threat nice to hear! One social media user came up with a very elegant  way of saying they wanted to hit the other 

One person in Thailand was left feeling uncomfortable about parking in a disabled spot after reading this threatening sign

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