Parents of ‘happy’ daughter, 5, left heartbroken after she dies suddenly

Parents of ‘happy’ daughter, 5, left heartbroken after she dies suddenly

A heartbroken family say they need answers after their “happy, funny” daughter suddenly passed away from an undiagnosed congenital defect.

Esma Guzel died on her way to hospital after suffering what was originally thought to be a sickness bug, HullLive reported .

Her devastated parents say that since her passing last May, the “spark of life she made has gone” and that their world is now “upside down”.

They have paid tribute to the schoolgirl who was descried as being “really funny, confident, loved life and was the life and soul”.

Her mum Kerry, from Hull, said: “This has happened and it will never go away and will die with us,” she said. “The spark of life she made has gone. We lived for our family and family things.

“At the minute, I can’t bear to take a picture without her. What gets me is that we were so happy and lived for the kids and loved our life.”

Up until the day before she died, Esma was just like any other little girl and loved swimming, gymnastics and spending time with her siblings Milika, 12, and Evren, seven.

There was no obvious sign that Esma had the undetected condition Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) – a hole in the diaphragm that is usually picked up either before or shortly after birth.

Some babies have been known to die from the condition before surgery. Others, after surgery, go on to lead long and normal lives.

Kerry continued: “Esma was fit as a fiddle and always went swimming and to gymnastics and was always so energetic.

“CDH is usually detected through scans and I had three during my pregnancy with her, there was nothing. When you google it, you just see poorly children and babies, nothing like her.

“She deteriorated so quickly and we just need the answers.”

Just the day before she passed away on May 10, her dad, Erkan, said she had “bounced out of school, smiling”.

Kerry said: “She came home from  school  and was normal, went to my mum’s for her tea and just said, ‘Nanna, I feel sick’ and she was sick at my mum’s house. Erkan picked her up and brought her home.

“Later on, her sick went a brown colour and we kept her in bed and kept giving her fluids. She was exhausted.

“The next day she slept and we took her to the doctor and she checked her and said she thought she had a sickness bug.”

Esma was still sick and after calling 101, Erkan was advised to take her to an out-of-hours service in Beverley.

Tragically, by the time they reached the centre, Esma had already passed away. A doctor carried out CPR and she was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary but there was nothing they could do.

Kerry said: “Erkan took her in the car to hospital, carried her in and she never made it. She had already passed away.”

Her sudden death has left a huge hole in the family, who are now trying to raise awareness of CDH and are being supported by charity CDH UK.

The family had been looking forward to their annual holiday to Turkey to see their family. Their world revolved around family and the children.

Esma’s brother and sister are still struggling to come to terms with her death.

Kerry said: “She wanted to go shopping for her holiday clothes in May and was so excited.

“She was an absolute pleasure and was always giggling and she would keep everyone going. Milika and Evren are really struggling and have gone back to school now.

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