Our neighbour demanded £250 a DAY compensation while we built our extension… it's ridiculous | The Sun

Our neighbour demanded £250 a DAY compensation while we built our extension… it's ridiculous | The Sun

A TIKTOKER has claimed their neighbour is demanding £250 a day in compensation while they build an extension.

We've all had that annoying neighbour but it seems one in particular has topped the list.

TikTok account @surreyonthemove posted a short clip explaining their neighbour's demanded a few hundred quid in compensation while they build an extension.

"How we felt when out neighbour demanded £250 per say compensation while we built our extension," the caption read with a woman swearing in the background.

When one user commented about how "petty" that was, @surreyonthemove responded: "This wasn’t even the most petty thing they did.

"They called the fire services unnecessarily claiming that they could get acid burns."


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"Are they legally entitled? I understand why neighbours get upset to be fair but that's steep," the user responded.

@surreyonthemove wrote: "There was no legal ground or basis for their claim but they were trying their luck".

They said the neighbours also objected to the planning application and "dragged their feels during party wall agreements".

Users soon began weighing in with their own horror stories.

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"Neighbours are the worst they keep rejecting our planning permission," one person wrote.

"My neighbour is already thinking about giving me issues. I told him he can try his best to stop it," posted a second.

"My neighbour demanded compensation for my building a fence… in my own garden on my own land," shared a third.

It comes as one homeowner was left devastated when the builder working on an extension next door ended up destroying their garden.

Posting on an online forum, they said workers had ripped out the fence and ruined four plants and bushes.

The damage also included a trench dug across the property line, and their garden furniture was also moved.

The disgruntled resident found pieces of wood with "rusty nails" poking out discarded around the garden.

"This was all done without telling us or asking permission to access our garden," they said on their post on the Single Track World forum.

"For want of a better expression, I think the builder is a cowboy," they added.

"Our neighbour has attempted to placate my concerns, but what he has done up to this point means I cannot simply accept any verbal reassurances," the post said.

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Legal expert Nick Martyn said it's always best to settle disputes with your neighbour out of court to save on fees.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) offers a mediation service to neighbours for a fee, which is a good place to turn if you find you can't agree.

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