OnlyFans model defies trolls who call her low class by making £27k a month

OnlyFans model defies trolls who call her low class by making £27k a month

A woman told fans how she makes £27,000 a month by posting racy videos online.

Natalie Rae Reynolds, 27, earns money "from men" and told her TikTok followers that it's more than enough to cover her bills.

She said: "Made an OnlyFans account to cover bills, now making $36,000 a month. 'Make money from men' my mum always said… so I did."

In one video, she revealed she made a fortune from a video involving a 30p cucumber she bought from a local supermarket.

"Bought this for 30p, last night it made me $6,000 (£4,525)," she joked.

Natalie added: "Flashing bits makes more money than spending thousands on a degree."

Some viewers said she's doing the "oldest trade in the world" to earn money.

One said: "Love that you're doing your thing but I really think people need to stop glamorising this."

But some were not convinced and slammed Natalie for "not having class".

"I think the worst thing about OnlyFans is explaining to their children how they made their money and the low morals and values that will pass on them," another commented.

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"Your parents and kids must be so proud of you," a viewer mentioned in the comments.

Natalie responded in another video and said she found out most of the negative comments come from men.

She added: "They probably don't know what these sort of activities actually are but everybody does it.

"Your mum's done it, your nan's done it.

"But just because I will publicly say I've had my milk here there and everywhere, it makes my kids or parents 'not proud of me.'

"Everyone does it, your kids are going to do it.

"Stop acting as if it is the worst thing on earth because it is not, everyone does it, get over it, it's fun.

"If you haven't done it, do it."

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