Only 1% of players can find hidden ghost inside room in under 11 seconds

Only 1% of players can find hidden ghost inside room in under 11 seconds

A new optical illusion asking people to find a ghost in an image is seriously baffling people.

We all know brainteasers are… well… good for the brain.

Now the latest puzzle is challenging viewers to find the ghost in the room.

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In the picture, it shows a group of people standing and talking, while some are behaving normal, others are scared.

It has been claimed only 1% of players can find the spirit in the image.

And the optical illusion is just another way of testing your IQ levels.

Let us know how you get on in the comments section below…

If you're struggling to find the ghost clearly, start by looking carefully at the body of the men and women in the room.

By looking at their attire, you'll be able to identify the person who is not alive.

Scroll down for the answer…

The lady in the right-most corner standing near the wall is the ghost in the room.

And if you look at her properly you'll see that her legs are not visible properly as she's just a shadow.

At first it's quite difficult to spot the spirit, so we'll give you that.

But after a few seconds you should notice the lady by looking at her legs.

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The image left thousands of adults scratching their heads as only 1% of players can get it in record time.

Previously, only people with "extraordinary intelligence" can spot the giraffe in 11 seconds.

It's asking players to spot the giraffe hidden among the toy animals in just 11 seconds.

The image features a lot of toys, including lions, hippos, birds, elephants, deer and monkeys.

On another occasion people were struggling to find the horse rider's face hidden in 15 seconds.

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