Online ‘soul mate’ ghosted me then set up fake account as his friend – The Sun

Online ‘soul mate’ ghosted me then set up fake account as his friend – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I WAS ghosted by a guy who then set up a fake account, pretending to be his best mate. I’m beside myself.

We met on an online dating site.

He seemed exactly like me and it was like finding my soul mate. I’m 27 and this guy is 29.

We chatted every day but due to work we only saw each other at the weekend.

I fell for him and he said he felt the same.

But suddenly he started taking ages to reply to my messages and then cancelled a date, saying he was eating out with his family.

His mum confirmed that on Facebook – or at least I thought it was his mum.

A few hours later he ghosted me. I was gutted, because it came out of the blue.

He then set up a fake account to message me, pretending to be his mate telling me he was a good guy but not ready for a relationship. I could tell it was fake by the way it was written.

I took a screenshot and sent it to his mate. He confirmed it wasn’t him.

It turned out it wasn’t his mum I was chatting to on Facebook either – that was another fake account.

I’m so angry I can’t move on and can’t concentrate.

DEIDRE SAYS: I’m sorry. Rejection is painful, especially when you don’t know why.

But your consolation has to be that you’ve found out how untrustworthy he is before you were in even deeper.

He never was your soul mate – reflecting the victim’s own views and feelings back at them is part of a conman’s technique.

Even if he didn’t plan to behave like that from the start, he is weak and could never be relied on.

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