Office worker dubbed savage for padlocking their milk in communal fridge

Office worker dubbed savage for padlocking their milk in communal fridge

Working in an office is all fun and games until your food goes missing from the communal fridge.

Often people label their belongings to avoid disappointment when it's time for lunch.

Now an office worker sparked a major debate after putting a padlock on their milk bottle in the workplace fridge.

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After pulling the stunt, many people on Reddit have turned on them for their "extreme" measure.

Along with a picture, the person u/Vented55 asked: "Peak pettiness or justifiable security in the office kitchen?"

And it didn't take long for users to lash out at the colleague.

One wrote: "The savagery of the human race knows no bounds."

Another added: "The company should just buy communal milk that everyone can use."

A third commented: "It seems like such an easy thing for the company just to buy the milk for everyone to share.

"That always worked for us. This all looks so painful."

But not everyone was slating the employee as some jumped to their defence.

A Reddit user posted: "100% justifiable.

"People will drink right out of your milk container and no one respects other people's items in the communal fridge.

"I haven't used the communal fridge in 20 years, all it took was one grubby person rooting through everyone's lunch."

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Another praised: "I vote not petty."

So what do you make of it? Let us know in the comments below…

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