Obese man loses 350LBS without going to the gym

Obese man loses 350LBS without going to the gym

Obese man who washed down his fast food binges with EIGHT LITERS of cola a day reveals he shed 350lbs without ever going to the gym – after ‘getting food poisoning from Panda Express’

  • Zach Moore, from Florida, weighed 500lbs at his heaviest 
  • In December 2013, the 39-year-old was struck down by food poisoning after eating a meal from Panda Express with his family 
  • He says the sickness was so bad he thought he was going to die 
  • Zach lost 60lbs in just a week while suffering from food poisoning 
  • The experience – and the fear that he might die – prompted him to get in shape 
  • Father-of-one Zach says he knew that his weight could kill him, and says he didn’t want his son ‘to have to visit his tombstone’ 
  • Zach started losing weight to prepare for a gastric bypass – and in May 2014 he underwent the procedure, which took seven hours 
  • His weight has dropped to less than 150lbs after he had his excess skin removed – and he says he’s managed to maintain that purely with nutrition, not exercise  

A man who used to drink right liters of cola every day has revealed how he lost more than 350 pounds by ditching the sugary beverage and fast food, eating home-grown vegetables – and avoiding exercise.  

Morbidly obese Zach Moore, 39, from Florida, weighed a staggering 500 pounds in December of 2013, when he was struck down by food poisoning so severe that he thought he was going to die. 

As it turned out, the terrifying experience, which saw him shed 60 pounds in a matter of days, was exactly what Zach needed to transform his life, and his body, by kicking his unhealthy habits once and for all. 

Unhealthy: Father-of-one Zach Moore, 39, was morbidly obese for years – with his weight reaching 500lbs in 2013 when he was at his unhealthiest 

Transformed! The Florida native has revealed how he shed a staggering 330lbs with the help of a gastric bypass and having his excess skin removed 

Inspiration: Zach was first motivated to get fit and healthy after suffering a horrific bout of food poisoning after eating a meal at Panda Express – which saw him lose 60lbs in a week

When he was at his heaviest Zach’s diet consisted almost entirely of fast food.

‘For breakfast, I’d probably eat three or four Egg McMuffins with a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola,’ he admitted.

‘I’d probably drink three to four two-liter bottles per day.

‘For lunch, we’d eat pizza. Going to Pizza Hut and getting one pie for myself and one for the family was normal.

‘Dinner would be something like French fries and hotdogs and hamburgers.

He vowed to change his eating habits after one particularly huge meal landed him in hospital.

‘I stopped and got Panda Express and a family meal and I ate a whole thing of orange chicken,’ he revealed. 

‘I got food poisoning and lost 60 pounds in a week.

‘It was all vomiting and diarrhea. While I was in the hospital, I started to think ‘I’m gonna die.’

‘I actually recorded a goodbye message to my son and my wife. That’s when I committed to myself and put effort behind losing weight.

‘I knew that obesity kills. I didn’t want my son to be visiting my tombstone. I didn’t want to put my kid through that. I just wanted to be a better dad. 

‘I couldn’t teach him anything or play with him. It was terrible.’

Zach cut carbs, beef, and pork out of his diet in early 2014 in order to lose enough weight to qualify for gastric bypass surgery.

By the time of his surgery in May 2014, he was down to 392 pounds, but despite his weight loss, the surgery was complicated.

‘My surgery was supposed to be two hours, but it lasted seven,’ he explained. ‘I flatlined on the table and was fatter than the doctor thought.’

After surgery his weight plummeted further.

‘I lost 110 pounds in 100 days over the summer of 2014,’ he said. ‘By August 2015, I was 170 pounds.’

Zach has managed to maintain that weight ever since his gastric bypass, revealing how he completely transformed his diet in order to stay in shape without ever having to workout or visit a gym. 

He now runs a farm and grows his own vegetables, which means he can ensure that he is eating a totally natural, healthy diet.

‘I lost my weight without working out,’ he explained. ‘I can’t get to a gym and I don’t live near a gym. I lost my weight through nutrition.

‘I understand nutrition now. If food has high fructose corn syrup in it, I won’t touch it.

‘If it has a lot of sugar, I don’t touch it. I avoid soy, wheat and gluten. I do a mix of keto and paleo nutrition.

Keep it up! Since his gastric bypass, Zach, pictured with his son and wife, has kept his weight loss up thanks purely to a new diet – revealing that he doesn’t ever workout or go to the gym 

Inspiration: The father-of-one said he finally realized how dangerous his weight was when he got food poisoning – which he thought might kill him 

Stay strong: ‘I knew that obesity kills. I didn’t want my son to be visiting my tombstone,’ he said

Zach then had surgery to remove his excess skin.

‘That was terrible. I was under anesthetic for nine hours. I had 2,400 stitches,’ he recalled. 

‘They did a butt lift. They went up my sternum. They went into my armpits and reduced the breast size.’

He has now taken to farming and attempts to lead a self-sufficient lifestyle.

‘I have over 100 chickens on my farm,’ he said.

‘I’ve also got ducks, guinea hens, and turkeys. I’ve had goats and horses. We’re also starting to grow a huge garden.

‘We grow beans, sprouts, tomatoes, really anything that I like.

‘My wife is into garlic and onions. She grows onions and potatoes. Right now we’re also growing green beans, celery, and garbanzo beans.

‘I miss candy. I had a sweet tooth. If I smell fried food at the fair and stuff, the aromas are amazing, but I don’t desire food like I once did.

‘When I was heavy, I didn’t expect to live until 40, and that’s in six months.

He thanks his wife, Amber, for sticking with him through his weight problems.

‘Without her, I would have failed,’ he said. ‘I know that.

‘She drove me to every surgery. Amber’s always been there. She’s been my everything.’

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