Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals 2021: What to expect

Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals 2021: What to expect

BLACK Friday usually brings a range of discounts to games consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.

We don't expect 2021 to be any different so we've previewed where you should be able to get the best deals below.

*Remember, just because an item is in the sale, it doesn't mean you can't find the same product, or similar, elsewhere. Always shop around to make sure you're getting the best price.

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When is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday lands on November 26 this year.

It always happens the day after Thanksgiving in the US, which is on the fourth Thursday of November.

Will the Nintendo Switch be on sale on Black Friday?

It's a good bet to expect the Nintendo Switch to be on sale come November 26.

In previous years there have been small discounts on the console during the sale bonanza, although the real value may be found with a bundle that includes a game or two that you've got your eye on.

Will the Nintendo Switch be on sale on Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday follows the week after Black Friday and these days, most retailers roll a version of their Black Friday sale over the weekend to the tech-focused event.

We'd expect that if there are good deals to be found on the Nintendo Switch, they will still be available on Cyber Monday.

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What Nintendo Switch games will be on sale on Black Friday

There is always a good chance that any top games from the year will be on sale, either separately or as part of bundles.

We'd definitely expect Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild to feature.

Mario Kart 8 and Paper Mario: the Origami King are also both likely to be popular and see discounts.

What's the difference between the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite?

Whereas the standard Nintendo Switch can be used both at home with your TV or on the go as a portable console, the Nintendo Switch Lite is solely a handheld console.

Funnily enough, the Lite is… a bit lighter, and it also has a slightly smaller screen and smaller battery capacity.

In terms of games, the Lite will play any regular Switch game just as long as it supports Handheld Mode.

Where can I buy a Nintendo switch?

  • Amazon – here
  • – here
  • Argos – here
  • Currys PC World – here
  • Game – here
  • John Lewis – here
  • Selfridges – here
  • Very – here

Is the Nintendo Switch worth buying?

That depends on the sort of gaming you are planning on doing.

The Switch is aimed at children, families and commuters as well as traditional gamers.

The console is great for group fun if you're playing Mario Kart or one of the many other popular titles, plus it's the only console you'll be able to play the likes of Pokemon and Super Smash Bros on.

'Serious' gamers who play fast-twitch shooters and racing simulators will want to stick to the Xbox One, Series X, PS4, PS5 or PC.

How much does a Nintendo Switch cost?

Despite being released almost two years ago, the new(er) version of the Nintendo Switch has rarely moved far from its RRP of £279.99.

If you see an opportunity to beat this deal, or get a couple of games thrown in for free at the same price, it's probably a good deal.

How to charge a Nintendo Switch controller

There are two ways to charge Switch controllers.

You can attach them to the Joy-Con charging grip, itself attached to the Switch dock via USB cable, which will charge the controllers.

Alternatively, you can attach the controllers to the Switch itself and charge the controllers that way.

Does the Nintendo Switch have Bluetooth?

The Switch doesn't come with built-in Bluetooth support, so Bluetooth headphones can't connect directly to the console straight from the box.

To get around the issue, you could pick up a set of headphones which comes with a USB-C Bluetooth adaptor.

Or you could pick up a Bluetooth adaptor designed to work with the Nintendo Switch.

Can you watch movies on the Nintendo Switch?

The video streaming options on Nintendo Switch are a bit limited compared to other consoles, but you can sync your Google Play and iTunes accounts to your Switch to watch your purchased movies.

Can the Nintendo Switch Lite play Nintendo Switch games?

Any portable-compatible games you can play on the standard Switch, you can also play on the Switch Lite.

Check out GAME's library of Switch Lite games if you want some inspiration.

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