New craze sees people using famous photographs to pose as celebrities

New craze sees people using famous photographs to pose as celebrities

We are COVER stars! Mind-bending new craze sees people using famous photographs to pose as their favourite celebrity

At first glance, there appears to be nothing unusual about these pictures of politicians and celebrities.

But a closer inspection reveals a mind-bending blurring of reality, part of a viral craze sweeping the internet.

People have been merging their bodies with the images on book covers, usually biographies, as part of the so-called #bookface challenge. 

The result is an ingenious blending of life and art. In these examples, readers appear as Alan Partridge, Margaret Thatcher and Tom Jones by positioning different covers to create a seamless image.

Those who wish to join in with their own attempt are being encouraged to be ‘creative’ with their images — which may take a fair few attempts to get just right.

You can upload your finished creations to Instagram, writing the hashtag #bookface in the caption.

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