Nayte Olukoya addresses Michelle Young split: I didnt cheat

Nayte Olukoya addresses Michelle Young split: I didnt cheat

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Nayte Olukoya claims infidelity wasn’t the reason for his split from “Bachelorette” Michelle Young.

“No, I didn’t cheat,” the reality star wrote in a lengthy statement shared to his Instagram Stories over the weekend.

The post came after some fans on social media alleged that Olukoya had been unfaithful to the Season 18 “Bachelorette,” a Minnesota-based elementary school teacher who entered into the public eye in 2021 as a contestant on the 25th season of “The Bachelor.”

“Not every breakup needs to have someone to blame,” read bullet point No. 2 in his two-part post addressing the breakup.

He went on in the third segment of his itemized denial to confirm his own subjective observation that, “Yes, many of you seem to paint me as a red flag/f–k boy. Maybe it’s the piercings and tattoos? Who knows. But I’m actually a decent guy, and I only want to continue getting better. As we should all want for ourselves.”

By No. 13, the factual assertion that his name is his name prefaced an unsolicited offering of what would seem to be a personal, existential mantra of sorts.

“My name is Babatunde Olufemi Robert Nathaneil Olukoya, and I will never live my life based on how others think I should live it,” he wrote.

“Period,” he added, ending that declarative sentence with a period.

He continued on in the 14th installment of the dispatch: “For the kind people, sending kind things, and respecting both Michelle and I. THANK YOU.”

The 15th and final part of his communique consisted of two emojis: “✌🏼 ✌🏼 .”

As Page Six previously reported, Olukoya and Young announced their breakup earlier this month. The news came mere weeks after Young publicly shot down rumors that the reality TV-borne couple was on the outs.

“I will always acknowledge and appreciate the adventures, support, and growth both Nayte and this experience have brought me,” Young wrote in a statement. “At the same time, I’m deeply hurting and will need time and space to work through this heartbreak.”

Olukoya echoed her sentiments in a separate disclosure released at the time: “Michelle and I are going to move forward separately. Hearts are heavy, emotions are high, and we are dealing with this the best way we can.”

He added, “Michelle and I are naturally private people, and when it comes to this breakup, we will continue being so.”

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