Mums birthday party goes epically wrong when Bigfoot with tutu shows up

Mums birthday party goes epically wrong when Bigfoot with tutu shows up

A young girl has had the shock of her life when her mum invited Bigfoot to her birthday party for a surprise – and it turned into chaos when everyone reacted into scream and tears.

Mum Brett McPherson and her husband said their "big cake plan" for their six-year-old fell through this year and they had to come up with an emergency surprise for their daughter.

They invited "Mrs Bigfoot" – a mythical hairy monster wearing a blue tutu and cute ribbon hair clip – to bring gifts and balloons to the birthday girl.

It sounded like a "cute and fun" idea, Brett said, until it turned into complete chaos.

In the clip they shared on TikTok, Mrs Bigfoot shows up at the window outside the kitchen with the gifts and the children start screaming and running away to hide from the "monster".

When Mrs Bigfoot walks to the front door, they burst into tears and hide behind their laughing parents, who joking asked: "Oh did you hear that? What's happening?"

The children were left shaken by Mrs Bigfoot's visit but when she made her way inside, the parents gave her a hug and the kids eventually warmed up to her.

Brett told 2News Oklahoma: "We just thought, I mean she came with balloons and a bow and a tutu, so I thought 'oh this will be cute and fun.

"Well my kids did not have that reaction."

She admitted that the Bigfoot Shenanigans went "epically wrong" but didn't regret for doing so.

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"I would just recommend it for a good time because obviously by the video my kids thought so too," Brett added.

"But they don't want her to come back though."

Viewers were in hysterics and said the children will "never forget" this birthday.

One wrote: "I'm laughing so hard watching this. Best birthday party idea ever!"

Another said: "I'm traumatised for them."

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