Mumford And Sons Frontman Tries To Steal ‘SNL’ Monologue From Wife Carey Mulligan

Mumford And Sons Frontman Tries To Steal ‘SNL’ Monologue From Wife Carey Mulligan

British film star Carey Mulligan was sailing along in her “Saturday Night Live” monologue debut when up popped husband Marcus Mumford — who was supposed to be home taking care of their two kids.

What the Mumford and Sons frontman really wanted to do was perform, on stage, where Mulligan — best actress Oscar nominee in best film contender “Promising Young Woman” — was talking just then. The three-time “SNL” musical guest even had his guitar with him.

“Babe,” she told him, “you’re being that guy who takes his acoustic guitar out at parties.”

“People love that guy,” he insisted. Mumford got to play — for a few seconds.

When she did get to talk, Mulligan complained that people often mistake her for Michelle Williams. Now, she just thanks them, she said.

Mumford and Sons recently landed in a bit of political drama when banjo player Winston Marshall tweeted a fan note to American right-wing writer Andy Ngo praising his new book “Unmasked,” which attacks antifa.

Marshall’s now taking a break from the band after apologizing for the “pain” he caused. “I realize how my endorsements have the potential to be viewed as approvals of hateful, divisive behavior. I apologize as this was not my intention,” Marshall said in a statement.

Check out Mulligan’s monologue (and her husband) in the video up top.

Mulligan’s killer sketch turn on “SNL” was a spoof on the mostly watching-paint-dry “Lesbian Period Drama,” based on “Ammonite” and “Portrait of a Lady on Fire,” with Heidi Gardner and Kate McKinnon. There were rocks, lots of sea, fingers touching and “glance choreography.” Finally, “a sex scene” so purportedly “graphic that you think, ‘Oh right, a man directed this.’” Check it out here:



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