Mum-to-be gobsmacked after seeing son smiling in terrifying ultrasound photo

Mum-to-be gobsmacked after seeing son smiling in terrifying ultrasound photo

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A mum-to-be left viewers creasing after posting her son's ultrasound pictures online.

Tia Wittenborn was 20 weeks pregnant when she went to the hospital for a regular scan.

She was excited for the special moment and couldn't wait to see how big her baby had grown inside her womb.

"This is how our baby wanted to be seen at our ultrasound today," she said on TikTok while sharing a generic stock picture of an ultrasound scan.

Then she showed what she got from the gynaecologist – a photo of her son looking directly at the camera with his mouth open.

Her video went viral and has been viewed more than nine million times.

Many commented that the picture was "cute but also terrifying".

One wrote: "The baby was just in a silly goofy mood."

"Oh my God he is so cute but so terrifying," a second said.

And a third joked: "Definitely getting jump scare, I don't think that's a baby!"

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Others made light-hearted comments and compared the baby to a penguin looking straight to the camera.

And one added: "I mean, at least he or she was smiling."

Tia said she felt much more relieved and replied: "I actually do love this photo now because of that."

In other news, another expectant mum shared a pregnancy symptom she has – squidgy skin on her leg.

In a video she posted, her husband pressed on her leg and it leaves a very obvious indentation.

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He described the feeling as touching a dough but experts said it is a normal symptom of swelling during pregnancy.

The symptom is known as pitting edema as NHS explained that it is not usually harmful to the mum or the baby, but it can be uncomfortable.

Drinking plenty of water is helpful to get rid of excess water out of the body and it's beneficial to take regular walks during the day.

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