Mum shares clever lollipop stick hack for keeping her kids entertained

Mum shares clever lollipop stick hack for keeping her kids entertained

There’s nothing worse than having bored children on your hands – and no idea how to keep them busy.

With more parents doing their best to ensure their kids aren’t getting excessive amounts of screen time, it’s important to find ways to keep them entertained that don’t involve the TV or an iPad.

One savvy mum seems to have cracked it.

Claire Marie has revealed a genius lollipop stick idea that means she’s never stuck for activities.

Sharing on Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas, she said: ‘Something I had to invent yesterday.

‘Two children that couldn’t decide what to do with our afternoon….if one chose something the other would disagree. 

‘So, I got lollipop sticks and wrote some ideas on them. 

‘I colour coordinated them too.’

The parenting hack couldn’t be simpler. All of the ideas on the sticks are colour-coded by cost. So, the yellow sticks are free activities, green ones will cost very little, orange sticks are medium, and red ones are more expensive.

Ideas include going to the park or the forest for free, all the way up to days out at the aquarium or a theme park.

Activities in the orange category include visiting a farm, museum or ice skating.

Once you’ve made your sticks, simply stick them all in a cup and you and your kids can take turns choosing one at random.

‘With them being coloured, you can always take out the red/orange ones if you don’t fancy spending much money,’ she adds.

She explains that everyone will have different variations on how they categorise their activities. For example, a visit to the zoo is a ‘green’ activity for Claire’s family because they are members so don’t have to pay each time they go.

‘Soft play is on orange because entry, plus food plus parents have to pay to get in some of them,’ she adds.

‘Swimming is orange because it could be water parks. Obviously everyone’s colours will be different. Just sharing what I did.’

So, if you’re stuck for inspiration for the next school holiday, this could be your answer.

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