Mum addicted to bum fillers has 54 injections despite warnings it could kill her

Mum addicted to bum fillers has 54 injections despite warnings it could kill her

A woman who claims she’s “addicted” to bum injections has had a whopping 54 jabs in her butt to make it as big as possible.

All this, despite the fact that she has been warned they could kill her.

Karmello, 23, from Detroit, USA, said that she was never happy with her body until she started to get bum fillers.

Speaking on TLC’s My Strange Addiction, the plastic surgery addict said: “Before the injections I was a size four and now I am a size ten.

“I’m happier because I never had a butt that was nice and firm and up how I wanted it to be up.

“I get more attention than I was before and it definitely steps up my confidence.”

However, as Karmello doesn’t have the money for pricy high-end procedures, she’s been getting her injections on the black market.

This means that her butt is being pumped full of unregulated substances which have previously been known to contain metal lubricant and cement.

The mum-of-one added: “The woman who does give the injections, I don’t know what her background is like.”

She’s now had around two litres of the unknown fluid injected into her butt cheeks over the last three years.

And, Karmello isn’t ready to stop.

She commented: “If I got 36 more shots I think my butt would be the size I want.”

Unregulated bum fillers have been known to cause strokes, amputations, blood clots and even six deaths have been recorded.

Karmello went to see a doctor and revealed a black market injector had used superglue on her wounds.

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The medic said: “You are literally putting your life in the hands of somebody who sounds like they are completely unlicensed, untrained and they could be injecting God knows what into you.

“It is imperative that you stop these treatments immediately – It just takes one bad injection to kill you.”

And, after an X-ray showed some abnormalities in the mum’s backside she admitted it was a wake up call.

Karmello said: “I don’t think I will be going back to get more injections.”

She now sees a doctor for regular check ups.

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