Mother reveals tricks she uses to make her house look tidy

Mother reveals tricks she uses to make her house look tidy

Busy mother who works full-time reveals how she keeps her home looking pristine with minimal cleaning – from buying grey towels and bedding to painting furniture white

  • UK-based mother Tracey-Jayne Johnston, 51,  how kept her house looking tidy 
  • Tracey-Jayne, mother-of-two, said didn’t have time to clean due to full time job
  • Places mix of fake and real flowers in home to make it seem like fresh bouquets 
  • Only uses grey towels and grey pillows and duvet to hide potential stains
  • Said she painted over secondhand furniture to make it look pristine condition 

A busy mother has revealed she relies on a few well-thought tricks to keep her house looking pristine when she doesn’t have time to clean. 

UK-based mother-of-two Tracey-Jayne Johnston, 51, admitted she paints over secondhand furniture and seldom irons in a post to the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook group. 

When she can’t be ‘on top’ of the cleaning, Tracey-Jayne – who works full-time – still gives the impression of an ‘immaculate home’ she uses grey towels instead of white and bedding in the same shade because dirt and pet hair are less visible. 

She also mixes foliage cut from her local park with faux flowers, placing bouquets on second-hand furniture she’s painted white so that the dust won’t show.   

Busy mother-of-two Tracey-Jayne Johnston revealed how she keeps her lavish home looking clean and tidy by using a few clever tricks 

The cleaning-enthusiast explained she often stretches clothes of other items as they dry to save on ironing time (pictured: one of her sons’ room) 

Pictured: Tracey-Jayne’s white coffee table and cupboards, which she decorates with white candles and flower arrangements 

Her house is decorated in hues of white and grey, and she banks on a few items of decoration such as lamps, bows, mirrors and flowers to keep it looking stylish at all times. 

And grey bedding means that any hair from her spaniel, Wilson, is not quite so visible, because he likes to sleep with Tracey and her husband. 

People on the group loved Tracey-Jayne’s tips, which also included stretching clothes as they dry to save time, and being ‘ruthless’ about throwing things out and what came into the house. 

They added that her honesty was ‘refreshing,’ after her post gathered more than 3.700 likes on the social media platform. 

Tracey-Jayne said she uses only grey towels and grey pillows covers and duvet (pictured) to hide potential stains and dog hair 

To decorate, the mother-of-two admitted she mixes fresh foliage with fake flowers and disposes arrangements  all over the house 

Tracey-Jayne’s tips  

 – Buying second hand furniture and paint it white so it doesn’t show dust

– Being ruthless at throwing items out and bringing new ones in

– Using grey sheets and pillowcases on her bed to hide dog hair 

– Using grey towels to hide stains

– Stretching clothes while they dry to save on ironing time  

– Mixing fresh foliage with fake flowers and water to make it seem as if the house if filled with fresh flowers arrangements  

Members of the community of cleaning-enthusiasts were charmed by Tracey’s clever tips and ‘refreshing’ honesty. 

‘I love everything about your post,’ said one. ‘Well done on finding all these great ideas. Your home looks fantastic.’ 

‘Thank you for your honesty! Too many people think social media homes are real and I am use most are not like that all of the time,’ said another. 

‘Beautiful home and refreshingly honest post,’ wrote one. 

In order to keep her house looking pristine, Tracey-Jayne revealed she upcycles old furniture by painting it white (pictured) 

The cleaning-enthusiast said she likes to maintain the illusion she is on to of her cleaning, even when she isn’t 

Tracey’s post on the Facebook group, where she explained the tips she relied on the most to make it look like her house was immaculate 

Tracey said she relies on a few decorating tricks – and white furniture – when she cannot not clean   

The busy mother uses the same tricks in her eldest son’s bedroom, with grey bedding and white furniture 

In the bathroom, one can see three neatly stacked grey towels ready to be used. Tracey-Jayne said she uses these rather than white towels because they help hide stains 

Members of the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning tips Facebook group loved Tracey’s honesty as well as her clever tips 


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