Mohamed Hadid To Pay Neighbours $2.6 Million Over Mega-Mansion Controversy

Mohamed Hadid To Pay Neighbours $2.6 Million Over Mega-Mansion Controversy

Mohamed Hadid’s mega-mansion was torn down last year, but the real estate developed is still having to pay millions for the situation he caused. Most recently, he was ordered to pay a $2.3 million in legal fees to his neighbours.

After buying the property in 2011, Mohamed allegedly tore down the existing home illegally. He then began building a mega mansion, which he hoped to eventually sell for $250 million.

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However, he reportedly failed to get the right building permits, and the intrusive construction began upsetting the locals. By 2017, Mohamed was facing criminal charges over the mansion’s construction.

Though he was facing jail time, Mohamed plead no contest. He ultimately put on three years’ probation.

Despite the controversy, Mohamed continued to try and construct the mega-mansion in the years that followed. Multiple neighbours ended up filing a civil suit against Mohamed, which ended in their favor. The estate was only half-built in 2022 when a judge ordered it to be demolished.

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Though that seemed like the end of the mega-mansion, Mohamed is still facing financial repercussions. The newest million-dollar settlement will cover the neighbours’ legal fees that resulted from the civil case.

LA Superior Court Judge Craig Karlan ruled that Mohamed must fork up $2.6 million to go towards his opponents’ attorney fees.

“​​I feel vindicated,” one of the plaintiffs, Joe Horacek, 81, said out of the latest outcome. “Now I just want Hadid to pay up and go away.”

“We’re so happy to be able to look outside and not see that monstrosity — and not have to worry about it coming down on top of us,” he continued.

However, Horacek implied that he doesn’t believe he and the other neighbours will get the money easily from Mohamed. “We haven’t seen a penny from Hadid. We’ll have to hire people to chase down his assets if we want to get paid,” he said.

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Mohamed – who’s famously the father of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid – has also addressed the judge’s latest ruling, only to imply that he plans to fight the verdict. “This is a joke — it’s crazy,” Mohamed commented, saying he plans to countersue for “two or three hundred million dollars.”

In January, Mohamed filed his third appeal against the original decision in the civil case made in favor of the neighbours. The case remains ongoing.

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