Model with £13k worth of tattoos to cover entire body in ink – despite pain

Model with £13k worth of tattoos to cover entire body in ink – despite pain

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A stunning fashion model who has been getting tattoos since she was a teenager now plans to cover herself from head to toe in colourful art.

Celine Rose, 25, from Belgium, works as a BDSM saleswoman at babylonloveshop, but she dreams of becoming a full-time model and travelling the world.

And, her body art is helping her to do just that.

The ink fan has 13,000 followers on Instagram, @celine.rose_, and loves to show off her dramatic tattoo designs on social media.

The gorgeous model has body art stretching up her neck, across her chest, down one arm and on her stomach, butt and legs.

She’s been going under the needle for years – and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Celine told the Daily Star: “ I got my first tattoo when I was 17 and it was on my foot.

“I got it just because I liked it and don’t think I had an inspiration.”

Celine added: “I like to be unique but I never really had an inspiration. I think tattoos are just beautiful in every way.

“I like colourful prints because they reflect my character.

“I am a very cheerful and optimistic person and that's why I choose to have colourful tattoos. They make me happy!”

The model’s style features black and grey work interspersed with bright pops of pink, green, yellow, orange and blue.

Her elaborate neck and chest-piece features interlocking geometric patterns covered in bright leaves, flowers, roses, and a dagger pointing down to her breasts.

In between Celine’s breasts there’s a delicate lotus fine line design.

At the front of her neck is a dramatic green heart-shaped jewel which mirrors the diamond below her chest.

On the model’s stomach the words “this too shall pass” are written in a sloping script next to a cluster of stars and her arm is covered in peonies and smaller blossoms.

On Celine’s legs the model chose to add some humour with a big yellow banana and a trophy sitting alongside portraits of dogs and cats and some mandalas.

But, the model doesn’t love all of her unique designs.

She told us: “I like the tattoo on my ribs the least. I am currently doing a laser treatment to remove it.

“And, the most painful ink was the palm of my hands – I was almost crying!”

Her favourite tattoos are sentimental.

The tattoo obsessive commented: “My favourite tattoos are the two names of my grandparents on the side of my hands.”

And, it seems the 25-year-old has plenty of friends and family on her side even though some people judge her.

Celine noted: “Some people support me, others don't.

“But if people don't support you because of how you look then i know they don't love me."

She continued: “Because people who love you will always support you no matter what you look like.

“I am a very sweet girl but my tattoos make me look very badass!”

And, despite having already spent between €10,000 and €15,000 (around £13,000) on ink, Celine wants even more.

She explained: “My plan is to tattoo my entire body, so I still have some work to do.”

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