Model who hasnt had sex in two years as looks scare men gets stood up on date

Model who hasnt had sex in two years as looks scare men gets stood up on date

A stunning model has thousands of fans begging to take her out on a date after she was stood up.

Amber ‘Sweetheart’ Johanssen has almost 500,000 admirers on her @amberjsweetheart Instagram page but is still struggling on the dating market. The 37-year-old model previously claimed she hadn't had sex for two years because men are so intimidated by her beauty.

The Swedish star, who makes around £50,000 a month from her online content, previously asked her followers to keep her company when she "gets lonely". But now she is asking fans whether they would stand her up for a date after she was left without plans on Friday night.

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In the video, which has gained more than 5,700 likes, she was seen posing in a black, figure hugging dress that left her chest exposed. She said: "It's Friday night. I'm all dressed up.

"The guy that was going to go on a date with just canceled on me. Would you do that to me? Would you take me out on a date?"

Amber later asked in the caption: "Would you stand me up on a Friday night?" Hundreds of fans quickly flooded the comments section begging for the chance to take her out for the night.

One user said: "No, I wouldn’t do that to you! I’d make sure you were treated like a Goddess! Also, I would take you in my arms & hold on to you for as long as I could! A man can dream, can’t he? Enjoy the rest of your day, Beautiful Lady!"

Another added: "I never stood up a girl on a date. It’s his loss, you’re a great catch for any man." A third commented: "Absolutely not!! They must be mad. You're stunning."

But this isn't the first time she claims to have been stood up by a potential date. Previously, Amber spoke about blokes being "too scared" to approach her because she's so pretty and successful and claimed that was why a guy had cancelled on her.

She revealed: “I haven’t been on a date or had sex in two years. I’m not celibate by choice – I [just] can’t find the right guy. My sex drive is still going strong… I masturbate daily.

"My job hinders my love life and sex life, with most guys scared to approach me. Last time I tried to organise a date, the guy cancelled on me last minute.

"I honestly think he was intimidated by my success and beauty. Men have told me that they don't take me seriously and that they would be embarrassed by being with me.

"I’ve tried dating apps, but guys seem to think it’s a fake catfish account or they find my sexy content online before the date, and it makes it very awkward. I feel like they are more interested in bedding me than actually getting to know who I am."

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