Model shares video of a stranger 'assaulting her' in grocery store

Model shares video of a stranger 'assaulting her' in grocery store

California model shares footage of stranger groping her in grocery store and is instantly trolled and told she was ASKING FOR IT because she was wearing crop top and shorts

  • Daisy Delacroix, from Redwood City, was shopping in a local grocery store when she says a man approached her, grabbed her behind, and whispered in her ear 
  • The model shared CCTV footage of the incident on her TikTok account, where it went viral, with Daisy warning all women to remain vigilant at all times 
  • While many of the comments were supportive and sympathetic, others accused Daisy of ‘asking for it’ because she was wearing clothing that exposed skin 
  • She has now fired back at those comments, branding the people who posted them ‘disgusting’ and noting it is ‘never OK to sexually assault women’

A model who claims she was sexually assaulted by a stranger in a grocery store has furiously clapped back at trolls who told her that she ‘asked for it’ because she was wearing a crop top. 

Influencer Daisy Delacroix, from Redwood City, California, went viral last week when she shared CCTV footage of the alleged assault on her TikTok page, along with the message: ‘I can’t stress this enough to please be aware of your surroundings.’

In the footage, the model can be seen standing alongside a refrigerated section of the store doing her shopping while wearing a crop top and cycling shorts, and standing in front of a red cart.

The video then shows a man in a checkered hoodie walking up to Daisy and grabbing her from behind, while leaning over to seemingly whisper something in her ear – prompting a horrified reaction from the model, who whipped around to see who had touched her. 

A model has shared CCTV footage of the horrifying moment a stranger allegedly ‘assaulted’ her in the grocery store while she was shopping 

Daisy Delacroix, from Redwood City, California, was standing alongside a refrigerated section of the store when a strange man in a hoodie walked up to her and ‘grabbed her butt’ 

The model then stared at the strange man in horror before quickly moving away from him along the aisle.

In her video caption, Daisy – who said that she obtained the surveillance footage from the store’s manager – alleged that the man ‘touched her butt’ and whispered ‘what’s up baby?’ in her ear, while adding that the terrifying encounter left her in a state of ‘complete shock’.   

After Daisy’s video went viral on TikTok, she came under fire from trolls who told her she was ‘asking for it’ because she was wearing a crop top and bike shorts 

‘Today after work I was grocery shopping and as you can see in this video, this man walks up from behind, touches my butt, and whispers in my ear, “What’s up baby?”‘ she wrote in a caption on the video. 

‘I was in compete shock. Ladies please be careful of your surroundings. I did not know this man and he tried to play it off.’  

The influencer stated that she wanted to share the footage in order to warn other women about the importance of staying vigilant even when in an extremely public place.  

The video has since gone viral with 2.5 million views and over 7,500 comments – most of which have been positive.

However, trolls have also come out of the woodwork, accusing the influencer of inviting unwanted attention.

‘Why are you wearing that at the store?’ wrote one person.

‘I’m not surprised at all,’ added someone else.

The comments have prompted others to come out in defense of the influencer.

‘How did I know some of these comments were gonna be about what she’s wearing,’ wrote one user.

A TikTok user said: ‘The dudes in these comments tryna blame her y’all better hope you don’t get yours fr. What goes around comes around.’ [sic]

Another woman wrote: ‘This happened to me a few weeks ago. When the entire store heard me scream at him he was EMBARRASSED. Ran off like a child with his head down.’ [sic]

Daisy has since hit back, telling the trolls – most of whom appear to be men – ‘some of you men are outright disgusting [in] these comments. Don’t tell me I shouldn’t be wearing this’.

‘I’m wearing a crop top and biker shorts, it’s men like you are the problem. And that’s just scary!

‘Just because women choose to show skin will never make it okay to ever sexually [assault] women.’

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