Miss Universe babe splashes £100k on surgery to achieve ‘world’s smallest waist’

Miss Universe babe splashes £100k on surgery to achieve ‘world’s smallest waist’

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A model is on a mission to achieve the "world's smallest waist".

Dora Rodriguez, an ex-candidate for Miss Universe, shocked fans on social media when she showed off her thin waist.

In total, the bombshell has forked a whopping £100,000 on plastic surgery on her body.

She has the desire to have the thinnest waist in the world.

The beauty said: "In the last few months, I spent about £100,000 on liposculpture and mammoplasty.

"Removing the ribs is not yet on my coronagram, but with my goal of having the world's thinnest waist, I can think about the idea."

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Dora has performed the surgery to be able to pose for one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world, Harper's Bazaar Vietnam.

By increase her breasts and opting for liposculpture in the waist, the model believes she's got the dream body of a Barbie doll.

She added: "I loved the result, I think it is worth doing cosmetic surgery if you dream of achieving a certain effect."

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Dora continued: "I am very happy. I had 80cm of hip and now I have 60cm.

"There were many surgical procedures."

The model says that removing the ribs will add another £8,000 to the budget.

Rodrigo Alves, also known as the "Ken Doll", is one of the best known models in the world to have had their ribs removed.

Dora is a stunning model who competed at Miss Universe Canada in 2011.

She posed for Playboy South Africa this year and made the cover of Harper's Bazaar.

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