Meet the super pampered giant bunny who even has her own house

Meet the super pampered giant bunny who even has her own house

Meet Willow, Britain’s most pampered bunny.

The one-year-old continental giant lives an extremely lavish life at her home in Aldeburgh in Suffolk.

The bunny has her own residency in the garden which has heaters, chairs, curtains, a radio, and a bed by the window that overlooks the garden.

The entirety of her private abode is painted and decorated and is nothing like a normal rabbit hut.

Gemma Seymour, 10, has made sure her rabbit gets the best of everything.

Dubbed a mini Doctor Doolittle by her parents Layden-Grant Seymor, 51, and Frances Seymour, 49, Gemma has loved animals all her life and was always looking after injured birds and all types of insects too.

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Company director Layden-Grant explains: ‘Willow is a very pampered rabbit, she eats all the treats there are and she has so many toys for a rabbit.

‘She has her own two-story house in the garden, Gemma wanted to make the home rabbit friendly and cosy.

‘It is brightly painted and has bunting around it. There is carpet, and lots of hay in there.

‘She also has electric heating and heat lamps too. Gemma always cuddles her, gives her any treat going. She is regularly brought into the house, she actually causes less damage than the children.’

Layden-Grant also notes that Willow has a serious appetite.

‘Willow definitely eats more than a standard rabbit,’ he says. ‘We get through over 10kg of rabbit food a month, I’d say she weights about a stone now and she’s only one.

‘She eats her way through the garden, but her favourite snack is dandelion salads.

‘She chewed through the wires on the Christmas tree last Christmas, she is quite mischievous sometimes.

‘We used to have two giant rabbits but unfortunately one got attacked by an owl and died of shock, so Willow now has the house to herself. However, Gemma quickly realised that rabbits like to chew everything.

‘The curtains and chairs and both been chewed. Gemma also put an Alexa in the house to play music but Willow chewed through that wire too so now there is a battery radio instead.

‘Her bedroom is upstairs in the house with a window view so she can always see what’s going on outside. Willow has free run of the garden as well, she makes a great job of trimming the shrubs for me.

‘And Gemma always puts fresh flowers in the house too.’

With nine children, Taylor, 23, Oliver, 20, Morgan, 19, Aston, 17, Jensen, 15, Tristan, 13, Gemma, 10, Xavier, 7, Radleigh, 4, one giant rabbit and a giant tortoise named Tony, the family’s home is busy.

Yet, Willow is never forgotten in the madness.

Layden-Grant adds: ‘We have home cooked meals and of course Willow has a bowl too, she loves a Sunday roast dinner with all of the veg and leaves.

‘She is like a mix of a rabbit and a dog, she is so intelligent.

‘We used to have dogs but decided we just wanted low maintenance pet, Willow is so easy and great for children.

‘For just one-years-old though she is a very big rabbit. She is at least three feet long, when she stretches out, she is just as long as my four-year-old son Radley.’

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