McDonalds fans say Sweet N Sour dip is ruined after finding out whats in it

McDonalds fans say Sweet N Sour dip is ruined after finding out whats in it

Many McDonald's fans love a bit of the food chain's Sweet 'N' Sour dip on their nuggets.

However, do you actually know what's in it? Well it seems like some people are only just realising what the main ingredient is – and now some can't get over it after finding out.

The revelation came to light thanks to a chat between Australian radio presenters Jase and Lauren. In a resurfaced clip from the show, Lauren revealed that the famous Sweet 'N' Sour sauce is actually made from a very surprising ingredient.

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While Jase chomped down on a nugget and dunked it into the dip, Lauren asked: "Have you ever thought about what Sweet 'N' Sour sauce is actually flavoured? Would you believe it is actually… apricot flavour?"

Jase was shocked a she replied: "I hate apricot… I can taste the apricot now," while throwing his nugget in the bin.

And it wasn't just Jase who was stunned by the fact. It seems plenty of others who had never realised what went into making the sauce.

One person asked: "Am I the only one who didn’t realise that sweet n sour sauce is supposed to be apricot and peach favoured?"

While another added: "I never knew it was apricot and peach flavoured." A third also chimed in: "I don't know what I thought sweet 'n' sour sauce from McDonald's was but finding out it was apricot ruined it for me somehow."

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As well as apricots, there are other ingredients that go into making the dip. These are peach puree, salt, xanthan gum, garlic powder, onion powder, and caramel colour, among others. Food for thought, for sure!

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