Man’s clever oven cleaning hack scrubs difficult-to-reach areas with ease

Man’s clever oven cleaning hack scrubs difficult-to-reach areas with ease

A man's seriously impressive cleaning hack has achieved what many viewers thought was impossible – cleaning the glass in the middle of the oven door.

In a popular clip, uploaded on TikTok by user @cleanthatup, the whole oven door is removed and carefully placed on a table, making cleaning the glass a breeze.

Narrating the video, he shows what he is doing and says: "Start by unlocking the two hinges on your oven door and then lift to a 70-degree angle and pull up.

"The entire door will come off."

Next, he takes extra care to take off the glass panel in the oven door.

"Remove the three bottom screws and gently lift up on the glass," he says.

He then sprays the glass with a cleaning fluid and gives it a good scrub in circular motions.

He says: "I like to clean the glass with my oven de-greaser and a microfibre cloth – make sure to get both sides.

"Once the glass is nice and shiny and clean, put the screws back on the bottom and set the door back into place.

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"Make sure to lock the hinges."

With that, the glass door is back in its place and the oven now looks so gleaming and shiny you'd be forgiven for thinking it is brand new.

Predictably, cleaning fans have rated the video highly, giving it more than 50,000 "likes" and more than 1,000 appreciative comments.

"Oh my gosh, I always wondered if that could be cleaned and how to. Thank you," gushed one impressed viewer.

A second fan wrote: "Seems like so much work but I must do this ASAP."

"My mouth open the entire time," quipped a third admirer.

Unfortunately, some people believed it was too risky to undertake the task themselves.

"I am afraid I won’t be able to put it together after I am done cleaning it," wrote one.

A second said: "I tried this at my old apartment and maintenance had to come out and put it back together."

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