Man pranks DIY shop workers by asking for fake item & leaves viewers in stitches

Man pranks DIY shop workers by asking for fake item & leaves viewers in stitches

A shopper pulled a hilarious prank on workers from a local hardware shop – who he asked to look for an item that doesn't not exist.

TikTok user @dibzbaby, from Sydney in Australia, went to a Bunnings store and asked for a "replacement bubble" for his spirit level.

In the now-viral video with more than 1.1 million views, the social media influencer approaches a worker by the entrance, asking: "Hi, do you know where I can get a new bubble for a spirit level?"

The girl pauses for a moment to think before she replies: "A bubble for a spirit level? The only place I can think is the tool shop.

"That’s where spirit levels are so I’m assuming you’d be able to find the replacement around there."

He then enters the shop and finds another staff member, asking for the same item.

The woman seems to be quite certain and says: "I don't think they [Bunnings] are selling the bubbles on their own. Pretty sure we don't."

She takes him to the section where the spirit levels are and confirms to him: "Nope, see they are all fitted. They don't sell bubbles on their own.

"Maybe a bigger tool shop? But not Bunnings."

But the man is not giving up, he grabs a spirit level to the counter and asks the same worker: "There is no way we can get the bubble out of these ones? Or they sold as one piece?"

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The employee takes a closer look of the tool and says: "Yeah, it's sold as a complete unit, can't take the bubble out."

She even calls a supervisor to confirm, "We don't sell the bubbles separate to the levels, do we?

"Oh we could order them, but I think he wants them tonight."

He wrote in the video: "The ending, they can't be serious, can they?"

This is not the first time the prankster made ridiculous requests to workers in Bunnings.

In one clip, he asked the employees for a "left-handed hammer".

He told Daily Star: "The reason I do my pranks is to bring happiness to those that are struggling with mental health issues and depression.

"If you look at my previous videos, I talk a lot about uplifting people and thought but doing pranks it would make people laugh for a quick second."

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