Lucozade disappears from shelves as bottle shortage hits – full list of flavours affected | The Sun

Lucozade disappears from shelves as bottle shortage hits – full list of flavours affected | The Sun

LUCOZADE lovers have been left disappointed after bottles of the flavoured drink disappeared from shelves.

Shoppers have been left unable to get several flavours of the popular soft drink brand after they were removed from the market.

The company has had no choice but to temporarily pause production following an issue at the bottle supplier.

Responding to complaints online, Lucozade said it was “working hard to resolve this and to get your favourite flavours back”.

A spokesman for Lucozade owner Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I told the Telegraph: "We recently experienced a production failure at our pre-form PET bottle supplier.

"The plant is based within our factory and is our sole supplier of bottles, a fact that enables us to streamline our packaging transportation requirements and therefore reduce CO2 emissions and allows for close synchronisation with our production needs."

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And while the company tries to fix the issue, it has decided to stop the production of some of its flavours.

Which Lucozade flavours are affected?

Here's what flavours you won't be able to buy for now

  • Lucozade Apple
  • Lucozade Cherry
  • Lucozade Coconut
  • Lucozade Lemon
  • Lucozade Lime
  • Lucozade Mango
  • Lucozade Pink Lemonade
  • Lucozade Wild Cherry
  • Lucozade Carribean Crush
  • Lucozade Tropical
  • Lucozade Rasberry Ripple
  • Lucozade Citrus Chill

Of course, there may still be these items in your local shops and newsagents so check to see if your favourite is in stock.

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Here's what flavour remain unaffected:

  • Lucozade Energy Original Orange
  • Lucozade Zero
  • Lucozade Sport (all flavours)
  • Lucozade Ribena

This isn't the first shortage to hit supermarket shelves recently.

Shoppers were hit by a Walkers crisp shortage due to an IT glitch.

Shortages online were spotted on the Tesco and Asda websites.

More recently, supermarket shelves were missing eggs following an outbreak of avian flu.

Egg supplies were extremely limited and some stores imported different eggs, such as Italian ones, to ensure there were enough for shoppers.

The Lucozade news comes after shoppers rushed to Aldi to get a popular sports drink Prime.

The £1.99 viral drink was created by YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul and is selling for a limited time only.

Aldi is stocking the sports drink in a new exclusive deal – and customers are going into a frenzy with tussles breaking out.

It was originally only sold through Asda outlets in the UK.

Demand for the item was so huge that it's only one available flavour per customer, causing them to enter queues from the early hours of the morning.

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