Line of Duty fans turn to Amazon Alexa device to solve who H is

Line of Duty fans turn to Amazon Alexa device to solve who H is

‘Alexa is a snake!’ Line of Duty fans turn to electronic devices as they desperately try to solve the identify of bent copper ‘H’ – with VERY amusing results

  • Line of Duty fans are asking Amazon Alexa who the infamous bent copper ‘H’ is
  • Replies: ‘Mother of God. I can’t tell you that. Those bent coppers will have me bumped off’
  • Taking to the comments section, one person  joked: ‘Alexa is a snake. She knows’

The identity of the infamous bent copper ‘H’ has plagued viewers throughout the series – and now viewers are turning to Amazon Alexa for answers.   

While many avid fans of the popular BBC series have been desperately trying to search for hidden clues, others have resorted to their electronic home devices to see if they’ll reveal any evidence to help unravel the mystery.

But it seems ever Alexa is too scared to reveal the identify of the corrupt officer at the top of the organised crime chain within the police. 

Taking to Twitter, a woman known only as Michelle, can be heard asking the device the much-deliberated question: ‘Alexa, who is H?’ 

‘Mother of God,’ Alexa replies. ‘I can’t tell you that. Those bent coppers will have me bumped off.’ 

Line of Duty fans have resorted to asking their electronic home devices to see if they’ll reveal the identity of bent copper ‘H’. Pictured, Vicky McClure as Kate Fleming, Adrian Dunbar as Ted Hastings and Martin Compston as Steve Arnott)

One viewer took to Twitter and asked: ‘Alex, who is H?’ to which the device replied: ‘Bet coppers everywhere’ (pictured)

‘Mother of God’ is a nod to Superintendent Ted Hastings’ iconic catchphrase, which Adrian Dunbar, who plays him, recently revealed is actually a tribute to his late father.

Speaking in an interview with the How To Fail With Elizabeth Da‪y‬ Podcast, the actor, 62, told how his father Sean used to say ‘Mother of God’ all the time, adding that Ted’s infamous saying is a way of honouring and thanking him in a ‘certain way’.

And it wasn’t long before others decided to ask Alexa the same question – with everyone concluding the device is either too scared to answer, or may be in on the secret pact. 

‘This one is scared for its life as well,’ wrote another social media user. ‘Bent coppers everywhere.’

Many were quick to take to Twitter, with one joking: ‘I knew it could be him. We’ll solve this before AC-12 (pictured)

Taking to the comments section, one fan of the show joked: ‘Alexa is a snake. She knows,’ while a second commented: ‘Alexa isn’t a rat.

Meanwhile, a further noted: ‘Well if Alexa doesn’t know then what chance have we got!!!’

Another keen to get to the bottom of H’s identity told how she asked her Kindle Fire tablet the same question – adding that a picture of Hastings appeared. 

Elsewhere, others tried asking Alexa who Jo Davidson is related to, but the device was once again keeping schtum:

‘I can’t tell you who it is, but for the purposes of the tape, I can tell you that the cause of death was… being a rat.’ 

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New guard: A Reddit theory debates the topic that female officers and criminal associates are attempting to destroy the male-dominated leadership within the force – and using corrupt female officers to do so (pictured new LOD star Shalom Brune-Franklin as DC Chloe Bishop)

Line Of Duty viewer’s latest H theory involves John Corbett’s widow Steph, after they noticed an intricate ‘clue’ hidden in her kitchen tiles during Sunday’s episode of the show

While viewers have been on tenterhooks to discover who the elusive fourth man ‘H’ is, their latest wild theory involves John Corbett’s widow Steph, after they noticed an intricate ‘clue’ hidden in her kitchen tiles.

During the latest instalment of the hit police drama, many viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts after noticing the very telling detail.

Fans were convinced that the ‘H’ pattern in Steph’s tiles was a link to the man or woman AC-12 have been hunting for the past six series. 

One person on social media wrote: ‘Steph’s kitchen tiles say ‘H’ on them… just saying… #LineOfDuty.’

Another person said: ‘Her kitchen tiles are in the shape of a ‘H’. What could this mean? #LineOfDuty #LineOfDuty6 #LOD.’

A third exclaimed: ‘There’s a H in the tiles!! #LineOfDuty.’     


While the mystery was somewhat answered in the season five finale, it was also revealed that there are FOUR people pertaining to be ‘H’, with the final one still unknown.

So who could it be?

Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin)

Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin)

She was one of season five’s stand-out characters, swooping in towards the end of the series to interrogate Ted Hastings – highly suspected to be ‘H’ at the time.

And while she simply seemed to be excellent at her job – and hellbent on uncovering the corruption within the department – could it be that Patricia Carmichael was SO keen to pin the blame on Ted to take the focus away from herself.

Could SHE be the fourth ‘H’?

Her position of power and respect, along with her unnaturally steely and cut-throat demeanor, could well point to this.

Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar)

Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar)

Ted Hastings was pinpointed by viewers of the show, as well as the characters on the show, to be a candidate for ‘H’.

But it seemed he was exonerated by the end of season five, allowed to walk free.

But could be potentially be triple-crossing us all? Could he in fact STILL be the potential fourth ‘H’.

The biggest issue with this theory is that Gill Biggeloe – one of the three revealed to be ‘H’ – was so against him. Surely she wouldn’t be working to deter him if they were in league?

UNLESS, she doesn’t KNOW he is the fourth ‘H’?

DCC Andrea Wise (Elizabeth Rider)

DCC Andrea Wise (Elizabeth Rider)

Detective Chief Constable Andrea Wise was new to the show in season five and is another high-powered contender for ‘H’.

She has been constantly interfering when it has come to supporting AC-12’s investigations, removing them from the investigation into Operation Pear Tree. She also instigated the Ted Hastings investigation.

She is also keen to cover up police corruption, despite announcing at the end of season five: ‘This constabulary will work tirelessly to root out rotten apples in its ranks.’

PCC Rohan Sindwhani (Ace Bhatti)

PCC Rohan Sindwhani (Ace Bhatti)

Police and Crime Commissioner Rohan Sindwhani demanded to be ‘in on’ a meeting between Andrea Wise and Ted Hastings. This might be a small clue but any clue could be valid at this point.

Any shady behavior suggests ‘H’ is at play, and so Rohan could indeed be culpable.

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