Lil Baby Gets Some Wildly Lavish Gifts For His Birthday

Lil Baby Gets Some Wildly Lavish Gifts For His Birthday

Lil Baby has a lot to celebrate after turning 27 years old yesterday. In true rapper fashion, he celebrated in a big way, and then turned to social media to flaunt his incredible good fortune. He received so many expensive, over-the-top gifts that he managed to film an entire video which gives each expensive item a camera-worthy moment so that fans can take it all in. Just one of these gifts would be an extravagant experience, let alone this incredibly bling-based, wildly expensive pile of gifts that he received on his special day.

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Rappers have a tendency to be over-the-top when it comes to their gifting, and that usually involves a little bit of bling. That proved to be true on Lil Baby’s birthday, as his friends showed up one after another to offer him some outrageously expensive birthday presents. They definitely brought more than just a ‘little bit of bling’ to his party.

In the case of Lil Baby, he happened to be spoiled with so many lavish gifts that it’s hard to believe they were all given to him at the same time. He took a video of all his new things, and it’s one of those moments that most people would have to see to believe.

Topping off the items captured within his video is a very expensive Hublot watch. To put things in perspective, Hublot is credit as being one of the most highly esteemed watch brands that money can buy. The hold the coveted title of having created the most expensive watch in the world, which was priced at $5,000,000.  The social media post didn’t indicate which model, in particular was just snagged by Lil Baby, but one thing’s for sure, this beauty wasn’t cheap. The entire watch band and all areas of the watch including the surrounding face plate are entirely covered in diamonds, with no other surface visible at all.

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A man can apparently never have too many watches. The next item that was panned by the camera was another very expensive timepiece, this time, from Cartier. Lil Baby will definitely have no issue telling time, or showing off his wrist bling, for that matter.

Just when fans thought they had seen it all, another gift was presented – this time, it was encased in a box. The person that gifted him this particular item didn’t waste any time messing around. When the box opened, a stack of hundred dollar bills was revealed. Yes someone gave him a wad of cash in a box.

That’s more than most people can say they’ve ever received for their birthdays!

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