Lidl is selling award winning bottles of wine for just £3 – but you have to buy six bottles

Lidl is selling award winning bottles of wine for just £3 – but you have to buy six bottles

SHOPPERS can pick up award-winning wine for under £3 at Lidl with its deal giving customers 25 per cent off – but you have to buy six bottles.

The 25 per cent off is available from today until July 10 in stores only so you'll have to be pretty quick to take part.

You'll be spoilt for choice with over 130 bottles of red, white, sparkling and rosé included.

But bear in mind that not all of Lidl's wine is included in the offer – and its very cheapest bottles have been excluded from the deal.

That said, we've worked out that you can still pay under £3 a bottle if you opt for the cheapest wines in the deal – we've listed them in the box below.

And four of these bottles have won big at wine awards.

The best value wines to buy in Lidl's deal

HERE are the cheapest wines you can pick up until the offer ends on July 10:

  • Conde Noble, Spanish Rosé, 75 cl – £3.58.
  • Cimarosa South African Sauvignon Blanc, 75 cl – £3.89 – awarded Silver International Wine Challenge 2018
  • Cimarosa South African Chenin Blanc, 75 cl – £3.99 – awarded Bronze at Decanter World Wine Awards 2017 and Silver at IWSC 2017
  • Cimarosa Australian Chardonnay Colombard, 75 cl – £3.99 – commended at Decanter World Wine Awards 2017
  • Cimarosa Australian Chardonnay, 75 cl – £3.99
  • Cimarosa Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, £4.09 – awarded Bronze at International Wine Challenge 2018

The cheapest six bottles in the 130-strong range cost between £3.58 and £4.09, which makes them between £2.69 and £3.06 once you take off 25 per cent.

Of course, as you have to buy six bottles that means your total spend is between £16.14 and £18.36.

But you can mix and match between 750ml bottles of wine from the huge range on offer.

There's a pricey Comte de Senneval Champagne Brut at £11.49, while wine buffs even think the £10.99 Saint Emilion Grand Cru tastes as good as a £30 bottle.

The offer does exclude minis and boxed wine and shoppers are limited to buying 24 bottles each.

There are around 760 Lidl stores throughout the UK, and you can find your nearest one using its store locator here.

We reckon this could be a great way to stock up for summer barbecues and garden parties.

But of course you should always check that Lidl has the cheapest prices to start with – a tool such as MySupermarket is a good way to compare supermarket prices.

Asda also has 25 per cent off wine when you buy six bottles until July 7.

Five easy ways to cut your booze costs

Wine doesn't have to break the bank, here are some quick tips to slash the cost every time:

  • Be aware of marketing tricks: A supermarket’s job is to make us spend, so don't fall for the tricks. Often great bargains are hidden on the bottom shelves so make sure your hunt high and low for a deal.
  • Don't be a supermarket snob: Aldi and Lidl have decent, award-winning wine at really good prices. Try taste testing various supermarkets and make a note of the bargains you love so you can find them again.
  • Be wary of duty free: You might think you’re getting a bargain in duty free but you may find the same wine cheaper elsewhere.
  • Buy in bulk: Buying wine in cases will often give you the best value for your money. Look out for deals in supermarkets which give you 25 per cent off when buying six bottles.
  • Download the wine app Vivino: You can take a photo of any wine label and it will compare prices for you.

Earlier this year, sparkling wine sales dropped for the first time in five years as the UK reached "peak Prosecco".

Meanwhile, No Deal Brexit tariffs mean more expensive imported cars, steak and cheese – but could lead to cheaper wine.

And Aldi is looking for 30 wine tasters to try bottles for free.

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