Kim Kardashian wannabe spent £385k on surgery that’s left her with ‘fish lips’

Kim Kardashian wannabe spent £385k on surgery that’s left her with ‘fish lips’

A self-confessed plastic surgery addict spent £385,000 in a bid to look like Kim Kardashian.

And Jennifer Pamplona was happy with the results of her 20+ ops… until she got lip fillers done.

The 27-year-old says her latest procedure has left her with “fish lips”.

She has since vowed not to get any more work done in case she completely “destroys her face”.

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Last month, Jennifer had three millilitres of filler injected into her lips.

But after leaving the clinic on August 20, the reality TV fan immediately knew something was wrong.

She recalled: "After my surgery was done I felt as though I was having a reaction and later on that day they were bleeding a lot and felt very painful.

"When I saw the result of them I couldn't believe it – I was completely botched and had been left with fish lips.”

As Jennifer’s pout was extremely irritated, she rushed back to her surgeon to have the filler dissolved.

She said: "I had paid $3,000 (£2,400) to be botched and was then told I had to wait two days to have the filler removed.

"I spent those days covering my face and staying inside, whenever I saw my face I would just start crying again.

"Now, my lips look like an old persons’ – they're stretched but look withered like a deflated balloon.”

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Jennifer’s lip filler experience has put her off cosmetic work in the future.

She remarked: “When I removed all of the filler I got a lesson – I will never undergo surgery to fix something that's already good.

"I always want more and more and I almost destroyed my face and my health in the strive for perfection.

"I want my story to serve as an example to every girl who wants 'big lips' that it's not beautiful at all.

"After I removed the fillers in my lips, I felt I took shower, I was clean again.

"The entire thing was a nightmare, but I'm glad I got my lesson."

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