Kid heartbroken as no one signs leaving book – but then older students step in

Kid heartbroken as no one signs leaving book – but then older students step in

A mother was left totally heartbroken after she realised that only a few kids had signed her son's yearbook.

Cassandra Ridder told the Washington Post that signing the class yearbook was once "all the rage", so she was left utterly devastated when her son Brody, 12, brought his book home that contained only a few signatures.

The mum, from Colorado, told the news outlet that her son had attended the school since the fifth grade, but had found it difficult to make friends.

She said he's had to face constant bullying, and has regularly been called names by his peers.

As matters progressed, Cassandra reported the incidents to the school’s administration, but she said the bullying "was still there" even after she complained about the issue.

She then decided she need to take matters further after Brody's peers wouldn't sign his yearbook.

The devastated mum later decided to share a picture of the yearbook on a private Facebook messenger group with the parents of the school to show how just how upset she was.

It was then that children of the parents in the Facebook group reached out to support Cassandra and Brody.

Student Joanna Cooper, 17, contacted the mother to say that "nobody deserves" to feel this down, and offered to sign the yearbook.

As the picture did the rounds at the school more older students got to know about Brody's story, and decided they wanted to do something to help.

They even went to see him in his classroom after hearing about what happened. One student, called Simone Lightfoot, said she had to do something to help as she also experienced bullying in the past.

“When I was younger, I was bullied a lot like him,” she told the Washington Post.

“If I could do one little thing to help this kid feel a little better, I’d be more than willing to.”

As the older students rallied around to get their friends to sign the book, it suddenly became jam-packed full of endearing messages.

Cassandra said: "It made me feel like there’s still hope. Not just for Brody, but for humanity."

Not long after the story spread across the world many people reached out to the young student including actor, Paul Rudd, who video called the young lad.

While on FaceTime, the A-lister said: "I heard about you, and I'm like I gotta talk to his kid because this kid sounds like my kind of guy."

The cast of Dear Evan Hansen also reached out to Brody, and offered him free tickets to one of their performances.

The Broadway show tells the tale of a socially anxious teen who feels lonely, but suddenly things start to change for him after a particular moment.

The cast sent him a video to share their love, and also told him to bring his yearbook along to the show for them to sign it.

"Please bring your yearbook so we can sign it," the cast members said in the video.

"You are not alone."

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