Ive fallen for female building site boss, we go to attic and bonk for Britain

Ive fallen for female building site boss, we go to attic and bonk for Britain

I’ve fallen hopelessly in lust with my female ­employer. My wife will hit the roof if she discovers that I’ve lost my head and my heart again.

I believe I’m an incurable old romantic. She says I’m a dirty old dog.

The woman I’m currently ­obsessed with is a project ­manager/ interior designer. She’s doing up a large house for a rich, out-of-town client.

I’m a jack-of-all-trades and she’s employed me to tile ­bathrooms, build cabinets and paint etc. It’s a big job and we’ll be here for months.

We’ve been thrown together and discovered a spark. Most afternoons we go up to one of the attic bedrooms and bonk for Britain.

The other three guys on the job simply roll their eyes, but she and I can’t keep our hands off each other. The client is a demanding nightmare. My lover says I’m the only thing keeping her sane.

She has a wicked sense of ­humour – and we howl with laughter at the stupidest things.

The other day, the first of the luxury bathrooms was finally ­finished, so we decided to christen it. We waited until the others had left at 4pm.

She filled it with her favourite fragrant foam – and I bought some fizz. Then we enjoyed some crazy, bubbly fun.

We must have made love five times, both in and out of the ­water. We wrapped ourselves in fluffy towels and talked dirty. By the time I staggered home I was an exhausted, shrivelled prune. My wife was furious.

She demanded to know where I’d been. I fed her some old guff about a burst pipe, but I could tell she didn’t believe me.

Later she demanded sex to test me. I’m afraid that I failed to ­satisfy because I was so worn out and sore.

Now things at home are very tense. Could my lover be the one I finally leave my wife for?

JANE SAYS: Has your lover hinted she wants to be with you full-time? Is what you’re enjoying anything more than a work-based fling? A mad moment in time?

Times are tough and I very much doubt if you can afford to blow this job.

I get the distinct impression that you’re getting carried away with yourself.

You’ve found a woman you fancy but you’re not thinking straight or playing fair.

You’d be a fool to jeopardise your job, just before Christmas, especially if you’re being well paid.

What if the client suddenly turns up for a site visit and you’re naked on the floor?

What if one of the other traders gets hacked off and decides to blow the whistle?

Explain to your lover that the evening in the tub went too far. You and she should never have crossed that line.

What did your wife ever do to deserve this level of upset and ridicule?

Why are you still married when you continue to put your wife through hell?


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