Its pointless: Common supermarket habit shoppers should avoid to save money

Its pointless: Common supermarket habit shoppers should avoid to save money

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The family appeared on BBC’s Shop Well For Less? to look for tips on saving money. The presenters explained how they could save when shopping in the supermarket.

The Katnorias family is made up of dad Steve and mum Aisha.

The couple have four daughters together and stated they were struggling to save.

Between a love of designers and upcoming events, they were left without money to continue refurbishments they were making at home.

Presenters Melanie Sykes and Joanna Page visited the family to see where they could save.

They soon discovered the family spent much of their money on clothing.

With the children, this was often designer clothes.

Aisha had a more thrifty way of picking up the latest trends.

She opted for sale shopping and buying her garments in the supermarkets.

Grabbing a new outfit can be tempting when doing the weekly food shop.

Many large supermarkets are fitted with a clothing and footwear section and prices are often lower than on the high street.

However, doing this is not always the most economic thing to do.

On the show, Melanie discovered many of the clothing items the family had bought from the supermarket had not been worn.

The cupboards were full of items with the tags still on.

This meant picking up the bargain frocks had actually caused the family to spend more than was necessary.

“It’s cheap but if it’s not what you need it’s a pointless buy,” Melanie stated.

Cutting out trips to the clothing section of the supermarket could help many families save money.

The presenters found more clothing items that had been bought by the Katnorias that were still in the packaging or with labels on.

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