Italian Woman Wakes From 10-Month Coma to Discover She Had a Baby

Italian Woman Wakes From 10-Month Coma to Discover She Had a Baby

The woman’s first word after waking from the coma was “momma.”

An Italian woman has woken from a 10-month coma to discover she is the mother of a baby girl, according to local media outlets.

Cristina Rosi, 37, suffered a heart attack and slipped into a coma while she was seven months pregnant in July. As she remained unconscious, doctors performed an emergency cesarean section on Rosi to save her daughter, Caterina.

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According to her husband, Gabriele Succi, Rosi’s first word after waking from the coma was “momma.”

“We didn’t expect it,” Succi told La Nazione newspaper. “It was a real joy after so much suffering.”

To help in her recovery, the new mother was transferred to a neurological rehabilitation clinic in Austria, where her tracheostomy tube was removed by a team of specialists.

“My wife breathes and swallows by herself,” Succi explained. “Seeing her progress and thinking about how she was only a few months ago with all the tests she had to overcome, it seems like a miracle.”

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He also told Arezzo Notizie that his wife is “hardly recognizable now.”

“She’s more relaxed, they removed her tracheotomy [and] through a pump they are giving her a medicine that should lead to other physical progress.”

As for the baby girl, Caterina is in good health after spending a few months in the hospital due to a lack of oxygen during the delivery.

Meanwhile, Rosi’s treatment is being paid for by a GoFundMe page set up by Succi, which has already raised over $200,000 (US).

“So far we have been able to guarantee Cristina the therapies,” Succi said. “We cannot stop now. My wife and daughter deserve to go home in the best possible condition.”

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