Inside Britney Spears topless weekend in Los Angeles

Inside Britney Spears topless weekend in Los Angeles

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The same day that Britney Spears posted a nude shot on social media — plus a clip of herself in a bathtub — to celebrate her new tune with Elton John, a spy told Page Six they caught a glimpse of Spears “topless” in a hotel pool.

The “Gimme More” hitmaker apparently unknowingly gave the visitor a sneak peek at the famed Sunset Tower hotel in Los Angeles when she was hanging out by the pool over the weekend.

On Friday afternoon, Spears and her husband, Sam Asghari, were chilling out poolside when a guest accidentally approached their VIP area, not knowing Spears was there.

Our source said, “Security stopped [them] because they thought they were going towards Britney.”

The source added that the guest caught a glimpse when “Britney was in the pool topless, frolicking with her husband.” The spy further claimed, “They were raucous and didn’t care.”

Spears then “gets out of the pool, throws a towel over her boobs and lays out with the husband. It was literally the [most surreal] thing that’s happened living in LA, ever,” the unwitting insider added.

However, multiple insiders insisted to Page Six that Spears did not bare any flesh by the pool — and did not go topless.

Other sources told us that away from the pool area, “guests’ jaws were dropping” because Spears was “running around the hotel shooting videos in her robe… and in the lobby,” they said.

Either way, Spears shared some racy photos the same day on social media to celebrate her collaboration with John on Friday.

After the duo released their duet, “Hold Me Closer,” Spears tweeted out a pic of herself holding her bare breasts and barely covered with a towel.

Before that, she reportedly shared a clip on social media of herself nude in a tub and wrote, “Hello Sir Elton John. We are, like, number one in 40 countries.” She added, “Holy s–t! I’m in the tub right now and I’m about to go have the best day ever, and I hope you’re well!”

The clip has since been removed, and a rep for the singer did not comment.

Spears has previously recently shared topless photos from her honeymoon with new husband Asghari, and also posted pics of herself nude in a pool via Instagram last month, captioning the shots, “Keep swimming,” a possible reference to Disney Pixar’s animated hit “Finding Nemo.”

Reports in April also said she posted pics of herself frolicking topless in a pool in Hawaii, and that she captioned one racy image: “Me naked in the pool and my assistant… holding me like a baby.”

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