Influencer shares fake vs real snap to show how filtered Instagram pics can be

Influencer shares fake vs real snap to show how filtered Instagram pics can be

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An influencer has been applauded for her latest Instagram post about fake filters.

Josephine, from Copenhagen, Denmark, has a huge following of 152,000 fans on the social media platform.

While she uses her page to boost body positivity, she also reminds admirers of how fake online can be.

Now in a recent post, the 23-year-old certified life coach shared two snaps, a "fake vs real" version of herself.

Her lengthy caption read: "I want to be honest with you, doing these filter posts isn't always easy for me.

"Most of the time it is, but then I see a picture like this one where I like the filtered version so much better than the real one.

"It makes me hyper aware of how I'm 'supposed' to look versus how I actually look."

She continued the post with how the "ideal" isn't even real and that "picture perfect content" is often fake.

Josephine added: "And if it's not fake, it's probably still in one way or another a highlight reel.

"So when I have a picture like this where I like the filtered more than the natural one I remind myself of WHY I'm feeling this way.

"That it actually makes perfectly sense. I've always been told that the filtered version is better than the natural one."

Now Josephine doesn't want to punish herself anymore, so she's choosing her real self.

She wrote: "I don't necessarily have to love it. I often do, but not always and that's okay! I don't have to love me to be kind to me.

"And that's how I'm able to show up vulnerable and unfiltered like this.

"Just know that even for me it's not always easy. So it's okay if it's not easy for you either."

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She ended the post with reminding followers to know their self-worth.

The influencer revealed: "We have been spending so many years believing that we're not enough.

"We can now choose to believe that we ARE enough. Because we are. We always have been and we always will be."

Fans rushed to comment on the post, as one wrote: "Beautiful words," and a second said: "Love this."

You can follow Josephine on Instagram.

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