I’m worried my drink driving brother-in-law will end up killing someone

I’m worried my drink driving brother-in-law will end up killing someone

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M worried my brother-in-law will end up killing someone because he’s a drink driver.

He’s 35 and moved back in with his mum and brother after his girlfriend got so fed up with him being drunk all the time she kicked him out.

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He was meant to stop drinking, start working and look for a place of his own but nothing has changed. 

When his mum tries to speak to him about getting his act together he flies off the handle, threatening to smash her things. He then storms off and doesn’t get in touch again until he needs money.

He won’t see a doctor even though his mum and brother have offered to go with him. He will end up hurting or perhaps killing someone if he keeps driving around drunk.

I’m 38. I think someone should tell the local police, but I’ve been told not to get involved. If he ends up causing a road accident nobody in the family will feel good about keeping quiet.

DEIDRE SAYS: It will be difficult to help him when he’s in denial. You can’t take responsibility for his life and neither can anyone else.

When he’s sober, tell him how his behaviour is affecting the family and urge him to seek help. Say that if he doesn’t you will have no choice but to talk to the police about his driving while under the influence.

My support pack Problem Drinker In The Family? will help you talk to him and explains sources of support.

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