I'm can't bare the idea of spending Christmas all alone | The Sun

I'm can't bare the idea of spending Christmas all alone | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I'M dreading I will be all alone this Christmas as my son is going to his girlfriend’s.

He’s 20 and I’m 44. We have been a great team since his dad left 15 years ago.

My son got a job in a warehouse and he loves it. He has met a girl who is 21 and works in the accounts department.

They started dating about six months ago and ever since then he’s been spending all his weekends with her and her family.

He won’t even answer his phone or a text when he’s with her. I think he feels it isn’t cool. I’m now dreading Christmas.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Your son is establishing his new relationship and making him feel bad will only push him further away.


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How do I leave my boyfriend to move in with my lover?

Try to keep busy. You won’t be the only one feeling lonely, so why not join others and volunteer?

There are hundreds of charities needing help. Check out Do-it (doit.life).

And when Christmas Day is over, invite them for an extended celebration.

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