I wont condone coffee dates – they make it easy for losers to play the field

I wont condone coffee dates – they make it easy for losers to play the field

A young woman has baffled and inspired in equal measure after urging women to avoid coffee dates in a scathing rant.

The woman, known as Fleeksie on TikTok, said she wouldn't condone coffee dates, claiming such soirees simply made it easy for losers to string along multiple women at the same time and play the field.

While some agreed with her, saying a coffee doesn't represent a "real date", others shot her down, claiming their own love stories started with a casual chat over a hot beverage.

In Fleeksie's video, which has gained more than 68,000 likes, she fumed: "Coffee dates don't make it easier for you, they make it easier for him to date multiple women.

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"'Oooh, they just make it easy for me.' You're making yourself easy to date for multiple men. 'Nobody's going to wanna date me if I don't go on coffee dates.'

"That's the point! You're not for everybody, you're not supposed to be. You want to be appealing to the losers?"

She also blasted self-appointed dating experts, claiming women are failing in the dating game because of their bad advice.

She said: "Since you started calling them experts, how many questions do you still have in your mind every day? Wondering why you don't get texts back or why they don't hit you up before the date."

The TikTok user claimed that if men don't want to meet up with women who are making it easy for them, it's because "they're lame-ohs trying to spend the least amount of time and the least amount of effort just so they can know that they are desirable.

"Because their self-worth is on the ground and so is their budget. I will never condone a coffee date. I don't even condone drink dates," she continued.

Her followers were left divided over the rant, with many saying a coffee date was ideal for a first date.

One user said: "My first real date with my now bf was a coffee date. We ended up sitting and talking for 9+ hours and have been inseparable since."

Another added: "Coffee dates are a trial date, ‘drink dates’ are for hookup culture."

A third commented: "I get you and I 100% agree, but I don't want to block out a lot of time/weekend evening for a stranger that I might not even like. IDC about his time, I care about mine."

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A fourth wrote: "No but hear me out coffee/drinks first dates are so much easier to walk out from like I’d hate to sit through dinner when he’s not it."

However, there were some who thought she was right, adding: "Truest thing. Low effort 1st dates set the standard and tone for the entire relationship IMO."

Another argued: "Guy asked me for coffee and I told him to plan a real date and he's like that's a real date … yeah ok buddy… next……".


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