I tried supermarket hot cross buns – the winner was worth every penny | The Sun

I tried supermarket hot cross buns – the winner was worth every penny | The Sun

SERVED hot with lashings of butter, hot cross buns are the perfect Easter treat.

They are traditionally eaten on Good Friday and are decorated with a flour cross that represents the cross Jesus was crucified on.

A survey last year by the Craft Bakers Association said they are the most popular Easter treat, according to three out of four bakers.

As supermarkets rush to bring out new flavours this year, it looks like demand for the snack is set to continue.

Traditional buns should be fluffy, lightly spiced and packed with juicy fruit – so which supermarket serves up the best one?

We asked mum-of-three Lynsey Hope, 41, to taste this years' offerings and share her verdict.


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Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Fruity Hot Cross Buns

  • £1.25 for 4
  • 32p each
  • Calories: 189

Lynsey says: "First time I've tried Sainsbury's buns and they were delicious, loaded with plenty of fruit and not overly spicy.

"They are quite squidgy, in a good way, and were really lovely toasted and slathered in butter."

  • TASTE: 7/10
  • VALUE: 8/10

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M&S Food Luxury Fruited Hot Cross Buns

  • £2 for 4
  • 50p each
  • Calories: 220
M&S' hot cross buns were Lynsey's favouriteCredit: Gary Stone

Lynsey says: "These luxury buns from M&S take the top spot this year.

"They are delicious with a light and fluffy texture and a lightly crisped glazed top.

"They are packed with vine fruit, sweet and you get a lovely hit of spice with each bite.

"I'm afraid they were the most expensive in our test – but worth every penny."

  • TASTE: 10/10
  • VALUE: 9/10
  • OVERALL SCORE: 10/10

Tesco Richly Fruited Hot Cross Buns

  • £1.15 for 6
  • 19.3p each
  • Calories: 175

Lynsey says: "These had a sticky sugar coating on top, which I thought made them a bit too sweet.

"I found them to be too heavily spiced- my little ones weren't keen – and they didn't contain as much fruit as others.

"They are an amazing price though, beaten only by Lidl.

"At just over 19p per bun, this means everything as we all struggle with the rising cost of living.

"If you're eating a lot of them in the run up to Easter and slather them in toppings, you could do far worse than these budget buns from Tesco."

  • TASTE: 5/10
  • VALUE: 7/10

Waitrose Richly Fruited Hot Cross Buns

  • £1.85 for 4
  • 46.2p each
  • Calories: 174

Lynsey says: "A lovely sticky hot cross bun.

"They were crammed with soaked sultanas, raisins and citrus peel and tasted wonderfully delicious and sweet.

"The sticky glaze was lovely – very addictive – though I had to wash my hands after eating them."

  • TASTE: 9/10
  • VALUE: 6/10

Morrisons The Best Extra Fruity Hot Cross Buns

  • £1.25 for 4
  • 31.2p each
  • Calories:

Lynsey says: "A very fruity bun which I found surprisingly rich. These weren't overwhelming spicy but the citrus taste was a little overpowering which surprised me as they didn't have a very citrussy aroma.

"The dough was a bit on the dry side too, but that was easily fixed with a generous dollop of jam."

  • TASTE: 7/10
  • VALUE: 8/10

Aldi Specially Selected Luxury Fruited Hot Cross Buns

  • £1.25 for 4
  • 31p each
  • Calories: 206

Lynsey says: "Aldi's offering had a lovely sweet dough and these buns were well risen with a delicious fluffy texture.

"The flavour was ramped up with spicy cinnamon and ginger, which made these quite special.

"They were wider and darker in colour than some of the others.

"They're an amazing price too, beaten only by Lidl and Tesco, and cost just 31p each. My best budget pick."

  • TASTE: 9/10
  • VALUE: 9/10

Lidl Rowan Hill Bakery Hot Cross Buns

  • 99p for 6
  • 16.5p each
  • Calories: 184

Lynsey says: "Lidl's buns are budget and don't have as much as fruit as I'd like.

"If I was being picky I might say they were a little dry and they certainly didn't have as much fruit as I'd like.

"However, even though I've rated them lowest, I'd still demolish one with a cup of tea.

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"They are budget, the cheapest you can find, and for the price they're ok."

  • TASTE: 4/10
  • VALUE: 8/10

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